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MY EX ID # 7949
Added Nov 1, 2013

Clara All

25 years old in Cobleskill, New York

"Dirty ho"

Anonymous 7949 says: Bitch likes to flash her shit. Thinkin shes hot shit will fuck anything .

Flashin ho

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  1. The man says:


  2. Scamadvisor says:

    ******************Uploader of Pics get SCAMMED as well************************* is recording the IP addresses and other data from the uploaders as well and will blackmail you one day. I uploaded some nudes of my exgf and I’ve received an e-mail where they threatened to give her evidence that I uploaded her pics, if I don’t pay them USD 1000!

  3. The bigg one says:

    She may think she’s hot shit on a silver platter, but she’s actually cold diarrhea on a paper plate!

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