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MY EX ID # 5405
Added Sep 4, 2013

Kristen "Pinkcollarsub" Clark

28 years old in Rochester, New York

"Dirty sub slut"

Anonymous 5405 says: So I gave this woman everything. I spent a ton of money to half way across the country and spend my birthday with her then ended up helping her move into a new place the whole time she tells me after I get home that I just want her for sex and that Im not religious enough. Well now shes with a man and a woman in a poly relationship. Hows that for religious


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8 Responses so far...

  1. ifukwhores says:

    Another Rochester whore

  2. Father Frank says:

    With the vengeance that is HIS, HE will smite the non-believers and only leave those in HIS Flock standing! PRAISE the LORD for HE is Mighty and will crush those who do not accept HIM as their LORD. PRAISE the LORD!!!

  3. David says:

    Id beat some religion into that slut and show her who her Master is

  4. mallarddrak says:

    Nice creamy pussy and tits

  5. HANK JOHNSON says:


  6. althehat777 says:

    Its nice to see the old ways have not been forgotten….enjoy yourself girl…

  7. bb says:

    wish i knew her when i was living there she looks fun 6/10

  8. Jay says:

    Does anyone know Autumn Hargrave? I went to school with her and heard she has pictures posted online of her getting fucked and cum on. She seemed innocent in school. She is from Greece and I need to see these pictures. Please help.

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