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Added Jun 22, 2013

Mechelle Porter

46 years old in Concord, North Carolina

"Skank in Concord Nc"

Anonymous1917 says: Casey Ive hated this girl since middle school. She always had the boys with her nice ass and perky tits. Shes been married and divorced several times. I just found out she is on all the local dating sites hunting hung blacks for 3hole bareback gangbangs. I want everyone in concord to know what a skank she is.

You dont need to be jealous of her tits and ass anymore. Gravity and cellulite have taken their toll on them already. --Casey

Mechelle Porter


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  1. sincere says:

    If hate this chick how did u get the pics and video.

  2. Big boy says:

    She was hot till I saw the monkeys on her. Another Nigger loving cunt

  3. fuckoff says:

    Shut up big boy bitch you white piece of shit

  4. Black Bull says:

    Mechelle is good people & doesn’t need to be belittled by small minded people. Mechelle party’s with14 Black Gangbang groups from North Carolina -Florida with 387 Bull’s Hung 8-15 inches average 11inches that’s 354.75 ft of Black Pipe with & average of 75 stroke’s that’s 825 ft per Bull 825 ft x 387 Bull’s = 26’606.25 ft or 5.039 miles at 1 turn per hole that’s 15.117 miles with Mechelle we go 2-3 time’s per hole that’s 45.351 miles x 3 holes = 136.053 miles of Black Pipe she’s had multiple Gangbang’s with each group per year for the past 10 year’s so roughly we’ve layed 907 miles per hole or 2’721 total in this sluts mouth pussy & ass all Bareback so who knows how many gallons of Black seed we pumped in her . Mechelle is the Hottest Nastiest Black Cock Slut all you white girls should be more like her .

  5. Atlanta Black Pipe Layers says:

    Trudat Mechelle is prime USDA Grade A Fuck Meat for Big Black Cocks . Most Slut’s you can dog out are fat & ugly but Mechelle has it all Beautiful huge tits big ass & 3 holes for any Black cock . For you virgins to black cock that think 8-9 inches is big or huge that’s the norm we have 12 members who are 12-15.5 inches & 8-9.5 inches around they seldom find girls that can handle them or even try a few other groups suggested Mechelle so we arranged a gangbang with her we inquired on # of Bbc’s & size she replied doesn’t Matter & 10+inches & thick I we told her we’d have her 10-15 guys 9-11 inches & 10-15 guy’s 12-15.5 inches she laughed & said OK . Gangbang time she arrives there’s 10 of us all 9-11 inches she asked about the others we told her they were coming again she laughed said OK we stripped her pulled her to the bed right down on my cock she wasn’t all the way down yet & had a cock in each hole

  6. Atlanta Black Pipe Layers says:

    Kept her airtight & rotated ass to mouth of course till we all had dumped a load in each of her holes by that time all the Big boys had arrived & were ready to stretch out some holes I asked if she was ready for the big 1′s she giggled & yeah I pointed behind her she turned around & just stared they were lined up 6. 12-13 inches 3. 13.5-14 2. 14.5. 1. 15.5 all thicker than her arm ready Slut she said the first 6 or 7 she’d love to have in her pussy not sure about the other’s & that they were all to thick for her ass I laughed Ok I walked over to the windows which was the whole wall in our room with a view of the entrance parking lot & a sidewalk I pulled the curtains all the way open pointed at the coffee table right in front of them stern voice hand’s & knee’s now Slut she hesitated said anybody can see that’s right there gonna see those Black horse cocks stretching you’re little ass hole out & when they’ve all had a turn in your ass then maybe I’ll let them fuck your pussy

  7. Atlanta Black Pipe Layers says:

    She stood there like she was in shock again i sternly said hand’s & knee’s Slut or we’ll bounce she walked over got on the table I smacked her ass hard good slut went i opened the window so everyone can hear her grunting & moaning as The Big boy’s went to work as the 1st worked the head in her ass next up would press back on her shoulders so she couldn’t run lol and she stroked & sucked on his cock took 10 mins or so till the 1st had 3/4 in and started taking long strokes getting harder & thicker the boys were cheering him on open that ass up till your balls hit that pussy he started thrusting hard she went from moaning to grunting & murmuring oh god less than 20 mins 1st was balls deep in her ass she was screaming oh god so loud people at the restaurant probably heard her 25 mins 1st load of dumped in he ass 2nd up worked to pop the head in & went ball’s deep started with half strokes for 5 mins or so started getting harder & thicker then it was hammer time for 15 mins till he dumped his load 3-9 pretty much the same next 1 up was 14.5 x8.5 he got the head in & inched his way in all but 2 inches he short stroked her ass till fully hard then started long stroking still 2 inches to go

  8. Atlanta Black Pipe Layers says:

    & you could tell when he was there she let everybody know he reached up with 1 hand grabbed a handful of hair started slamming her ass she screamed with every thrust & sounded like he was slapping her ass with thrust he slammed her ass like a jackhammer for 10 mins till he was all in then he made long hard thrusts just slow for 5 mins or so then back to hammer time till he dumped his load we saw a flash looked out must have been 20 people watching up next was 14.5×9.5 and he was hard as a rock already he pressed hard pulling back on her hair ease off pull & press till the huge mushroom head popped in she screamed more flashes he had to pull & push to work his thick cock in her ass he was about half in started thrusting in & out forcing it deeper with every thrust and the slut was letting us all know he was tearing her ass up it took 15 mins till he was buried ball’s deep in the sluts ass he pulled her hair and thrusted like a man on a mission for another 15 mins till he dumped his black seed in her ass

  9. Atlanta Black Pipe Layers says:

    Last up 15.5 x 9.5 ready yo go just 1 inch longer bigger head he popped the huge head into her ass she winced & with 1 thrust he was in the bottom but not quite all in so he had to knock the bottom out of her ass he grabbed the sluts hips pulled back till the head started to stretch out the entrance of her ass hole pulled her hips & thrusted in 1 motion repeatedly till every inch was in then he drilled in her ass long hard and steady for almost 40 mins while he was drilling the sluts ass she was licking and sucking the others clean & stroking them back to life as soon as he dumped his massive load in her ass he pulled out they picked the slut up 1 layed on the table and they lowered her onto his cock she moaned with pleasure soon as she was in place another cock was buried in her ass with 1 motion now the sluts ass could take the big boys it was dp time for hours to come

  10. Atlanta Black Pipe Layers says:

    10 of the Big boys except the biggest 2 Dp’d the Slut’s pussy and ass filling each with more Black seed while the 1st 10 to fuck her spent our time dumping load after load down her throat this went on for almost 3 hours we were drained I told the 2 biggest boy’s the slut was all there’s they walked over stroking there cocks I handed each of them and adjustable band you put on the base of your cock it gives you stamina and makes your cock thicker and harder they put them on tighten them there cocks started swelling I swear by them they make you atleast a 1/2 inch or more thicker and hard as steel the head’s of there cocks looked as big as a baseball we picked the slut up the 14.5 layed down lifted his cock up aimed it at her pussy we lowered her down till the head was pressed against her pussy we bounced her up and down till it popped in then let her on down it went in about 10inches she said it was stretching her pussy out wide she leaned forward the 15.5 pressed his against the sluts ass the head had swol up so big till it was hard to get in he pushed and pushed till he was grunting it was going in the ring of her ass was almost at the widest part of the head she screamed your ripping me open she was trying to lean forward so it wouldn’thgo in i walked in front of her placed my palms against her shoulders told her to relax take deep breath when she relaxed I nodded at him he gave a little thrust and I shoved her shoulders back she screamed again when it popped in the 1 on bottom started pushing back on her hips rocked his the other pressed more inching his way in the slut wined they were too big before and really to big both in her at the same time her cry fell on Def ears I told her this is what we do to Slut’s and to shut up and take that dick harder boy’s they pressed harder the 1 said he could feel her ass stretching around his cock I said if the sluts stretching she’s taking it so don’t stop till your all in he had about 10inches in and started stroking in & out till her whimpering turned into moaning I said that’s what good Slut’s do now pound that Slut’s pussy and ass make her that slut she so desires to be she was grinding her hips they were ramming there cocks in deeper and deeper ass was balls deep now for the pussy they were both working her hips 1 pushing 1 pulling i went and started pushing back on her shoulders only a couple more inches the slut was screaming oh god now she was loving it after 10 mins or so with all 3 of us working her back her pussy finally stretched enough to take it all in they beat this sluts holes for atleast 30 more mins all you could hear was her pussy and ass slurping and smacking & her screaming oh god I’m coming when they were through u should have seen the onlookers faces when he pulled that massive cock out of her ass & she got up and the other massive cock flopped out it was priceless

  11. Kristin says:

    Re Black Bull . I did some research the average white male has a 6 inch penis with & average of 35 strokes to climax that’s 17.5 ft if he had sex everyday for a year that’s 6’387 feet or 1.2 miles for a whole year & per you’re figure’s x 2 partie’s per group that’s 272.106 miles and if you really getttechnical it’s only 28 days . If she had sex with the average white man for 28 day’s it would only be 490 ft or .092803 less than 1/10 of a mile this slut has had a ton of dick in her . I bet she can’t sit on any hard surface or leather furniture without panty’s on both the sluts hole probably like suction cups lol

  12. Kristin says:

    What a nasty ass slut she should be sent to Africa and be mounted on a rack doggy style for all the monkeys & wild animals to use especially the elephants she might be able to feel them LOL !

  13. Concord Black Group says:

    How do I get up with this Slut I have over a 100 black Studs in Concord ready to pound and pump all 3 of this Sluts hole full of big black cock and cum need some digits slut let’s make this happen

  14. john the cuck says:


  15. judge says:

    I’m sorry but you can get 5fingers an half your hand in a pussy your banged out…,ewww lol

  16. Ron says:

    This is by far one of the hottest, sexiest women on the planet! Any woman who can service this many bulls and take this much cum in all of her holes gets my vote. I would love to be her husband and sharing her with this many men. Does anyone know if she is still in business?

  17. OhNo says:

    My niggaz gave this white hoe that work!

  18. Shazam says:

    Please let that lady do her thing

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