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MY EX ID # 2034
Added Jun 24, 2013

Jessica "Munchkin" Willis

21 years old in Jacksonville, North Carolina

"Silly ho"

Anonymous 2034 says: Casey, this is my ex wife. Extremely beautiful, but a crazy bitch and bad news. Total tag chaser and sucker for all uniforms, had a anchor tattooed on her back then married a marine and had to get it covered. I deployed for 10 months, came back and we had a few small issues we worked on but then she said fuck it and started talking to a guy at her work, left me and dumped all the bills on me while she moved in with her new boyfriend and his mom, while at the same time fucked him, and her boss, and another one of her freinds. Well I guess she got tired of him and having his mom run all over town doing her leg work and dumped him and now lives with her new boyfriend. All the time pointing the finger at me and refuses to own up to anything she did thats fucked up, dumped a 2,000 dollar apartment bill on me when I lived there less than half of the lease due to a deployment, and then cries about being broke when she takes my bah and goes on a vacation. Fuck her. I have plenty more pics and videos.

I think everyone wants to see you busting more loads into her mouth. Send them in --Casey

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10 Responses so far...

  1. mmm says:

    post em

  2. Boomer says:

    She looks good with a cock in her mouth. Let’s see the pics and videos!

  3. john says:

    too bad she’s an ex wife… if only she was a keeper for ya..thanks for sharing but stay strong brother. you’ll find the right one someday. hopefully this embarrasses her and her family.

  4. peter says:

    post her number or workplace! she will be seriously slut shamed!

  5. john says:

    i agree with peter, im not in the area but it would be funny to see her “slut shamed”. make her famous.

  6. David says:

    Don’t know why these guys wast all this time on these bottom of the barrel women! Fuck it…looks come second in my book. If she has no education…and I don’t mean high school! If she is not a provider-which you know well before you marrie or date…then why cry when she does what that type does naturally?

  7. John says:

    Yo I know this dude. Used to work with him. He cheated on her, stalks her and her new boyfriend, and won’t sign the divorce papers. He put this shit up out of spite. I’m all for seeing hot girls like this, but don’t believe the story.

  8. Ray says:

    I met this chick one night, I remember the tat, she was drunk as hell, took her to my apt. And we watched some porn and had some shots. After awhile she wanted to do what was on the movie. She squealed but took it like a pro in the backdoor. She couldn’t remember why her a$$ was hurting in the morning.
    Lots of fun tho!

  9. jay says:

    Damn wouldn’t mind fucking her right about now

  10. tt says:

    She’s amazing I fucked her last month

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