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MY EX ID # 14460
Added Feb 18, 2014

Xiao Qin Chan

23 years old in North East Community Development Region, Singapore

"Ugly Slut Who Steals Bfs"

Anonymous 14460 says: She stole my bf and fucked him over. Needless to say, SLUT!

Ugly Whore!

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9 Responses so far...

  1. TRUTH says:


  2. Diet Dick says:

    A picture of a girl in a 2 piece! Stop the presses! She just got burned!

    OP…..fuck off and die you idiot waste of time.

  3. Aussie Boy says:

    Ok lah. You should not take tea tonight. Can lah ?

  4. donovan says:

    OP needs a glass of singapore sling to calm her arse down.

  5. peckerhead says:

    Not worth commenting on.

  6. Disqus11111 says:

    I love it when the “wronged woman” blames the other woman. After all, there can be no doubt the other woman held a .44 magnum to the guy’s head and was going to pull the trigger if he didn’t fuck her.

  7. The Lion says:

    @truth Youre not the real truth! So fuck off you faggot troll!!!

  8. Iron Sheik says:

    If I catch Jabroni Piece of Shit who Post This. I Break His Back Make Him Humble.

  9. peckerhead says:

    Jabroni you piece of shit. He break your back!

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