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MY EX ID # 14146
Added Feb 14, 2014

Chris "Christina" Meyers

36 years old in Cincinnati, Ohio

"Nasty tramp in Cincinnati"

Anonymous 14146 says: Originally from Versailles, Ky. This is one head case you want to stay away from. This bitch has her friends, family and employer fooled. She has no business being a domestic violence counselor. Shes the one that needs counseling. Shes in to dating married men and loves sending provocative photos of her nasty ass. Cant get over the fact that a police officer married someone else. Smart move on his behalf. Watch out for her on Craigslist and Plenty of Fish. The bitch is desperate to get laid by anyone. BEWARE.


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  1. Johnny Walker says:


  2. hohi says:

    Lol she is real I live in Cincinnati and have got message from this same woman and she is way desperate I will post pictures she sent me

  3. Stewie says:

    I would be like BITCH get your foot off my vett and dont scratch my car with that hairy pussy the bush years are over trim that thing up some….

  4. the REAL peckerhead says:

    FAKE-FAKE-FAKE. No way those pictures are of her.

  5. TheHero says:

    Headless nudes = fucktard post.

  6. Disqus11111 says:

    Another crap ass bullshit post. Look at . It’s a different girl. This is total bullshit.

  7. speeluker says:

    Either she has extremely large nipples or she needs to bathe…

  8. steve says:

    mary mary quite contrary, trim that pussy it’s much too hairy!

  9. T-bone says:

    That is her, a real post and real pics. I fucked her in every hole ha ha ha funny seeing her here.

  10. peckerhead says:

    Bullshit post.

  11. WTF? says:

    WTF? She dates, sexts, and got dumped. Leave it to a drama queen OP to describe it the way he did.

  12. Mike Long says:

    That girl is nasty

  13. Maria says:

    there is nothing sexy about this girl..someone take her to a first to the gym then to the hairdresser and then straight to a fashion stylist and then to a therapist for extensive counseling

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