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Added Jul 28, 2013

Natasha Hunter

21 years old in Corning, Ohio

"She works hard for the money"

Anonymous3721 says: This girl is a true little slut. Drugs has ruined her life though.

She looks fine to me - Casey
Video included


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7 Responses so far...

  1. Me says:

    Dam what is her number??

  2. Hunky77 says:

    Damn wonder how she could handle a man dick and dude trim that fro no one likes that 80 shit anymore

  3. ryan88 says:

    not worth it, wont even swallow…or even take her guys cum and spit at the least. just left him hangin.

  4. Bill Clinton says:

    That looks like a prison holding cell!!!

  5. johnny revenge says:

    Great vid, until she said Ewwww

  6. satans dick says:

    Theres a name for men that shave. Its called a woman. Faggot.

  7. goober says:

    Geez, another spitter…check is in the mail.

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