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MY EX ID # 12824
Added Jan 26, 2014

Bre Huebsch

19 years old in Madill, Oklahoma

"she tried to take my man"

Anonymous 12824 says: She tried to get my man to cheat with her even told him he could fuck her in the ass!

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  1. Laughing my ass off says:

    Wait, screenshot of her phone or your “man” had it as his. Looks like you’re the crazy bitch

  2. Shamus E Cheese says:

    Cant verify thats her gash, go kill yourself now

  3. Bre says:

    Who the fuck is this. That picture is NOT me

  4. Adam says:

    @bre you should show us a pic of you box so we can verify its not you….thaTs not a bag pic of a pussy if the op wanted to get you good they could of picked a lot worse looking one.

  5. Bre says:

    Nah it’s cool, I’ll let whoever this is have their moment of glory. Just weird because I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been on a date in 2 years and I’m the “good girl” of my friends.

  6. Adam says:

    Lol no balls

  7. jake says:

    Yummy either way

  8. TheHero says:

    I will vouche… the final picture is not BRE,,,,,, FUCKING LAME AS POSTER…..

    @Adam – I verified 4 of the 7 and she DOES SEEM LIKE A SWEET GIRL…

    Fucking douche bag OP. I hope she finds out who it is, and had the town/her peeps beat the hell out of you!


  9. Adam says:

    @hero yeah I know but it was worth a shot…back when I was 19 it was easier to reverse psychology a chick to do the dirty…..

  10. j says:

    wow this is her. its on another website

  11. colin says:

    where did her pussy go?

  12. colin says:

    too much work to muck her out

  13. mark says:

    What other website?

  14. sam says:

    seen her b4. she is on another website

  15. dude says:


  16. Disqus11111 says:

    The OP should have her cunt sewn shut as punishment for thinking she get this one over on us.

  17. xyz says:

    ha ha loser! I said fake and I got the reason!
    Bre is a nice girl who some custard hates her!
    That last shot belongs to a girl, here are more photos:

    my previous comment and links are being moderated!

    Go go Bre, you are the Hero! let them burn to hell

  18. xyz says:

    another try

  19. Well says:

    She does give a decent BJ….

  20. cltfan says:

    Fucked up looking pussy who ever it is

  21. ghosthunter says:

    @bre- who’s the “bad girl” of your friends? What’s her number? Giggity giggity ha ha.

  22. Bre says:

    Thank you to whoever posted those links. As I said before, it is NOT me. I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t like me and it breaks my heart someone would try to do this. I’m getting all sorts of lewd messages and friends requests on Facebook.. Does anyone know how I can go about taking this down?

  23. Disqus11111 says:

    @Bre – You can hit the “Remove My Name” button, but unless you are underage or can prove you own the copyrights, they won’t come down without them being paid. Your best bet is to track down the low life, jealous girl that’s trying to fuck you over. She’s probably a lot closer to you than you think. You’d be surprised how many people you think are your friends that just love to fuck you over. If it helps you deal, know that we know the pics of you are stolen off Facebook and the others are not you.

  24. Bre says:

    I wouldn’t even know how to go about that because I seriously can’t think of a single person I don’t get along with. I certainly haven’t dated (or tried to “steal”, however they put it) anyone with a girlfriend/fiance/wife either seeing as I don’t want a relationship so the story is fake as well. The age is inaccurate too. As far as that button goes they want $500, which can’t happen.

  25. Oops says:

    @bre. If you can’t get them down at least everybody who see this now knows its not you. While its not optimal it’s better then the alternative. Good luck kiddo …

  26. dude says:

    What a fucking cocksucker this webmaster is.

    Wants $500 to take down a fake post he could have easily verified on his own.

    This site has gone to complete shit, courtesy of the shithook webmaster. Yeah, some of these OP’s deserve the blame as well, but why in the fuck half of these posts are up with non-nudes is just pure and simple WEBMASTER = FUCKTARD.

    They can come down as easy as they went up, especially after commenters shoot down the post as fake. FUCKTARD!

  27. mmm says:

    Bitch knows those pics are her. quit lying, and admit that this is you and you messed up by taking pictures of yourself naked and sending them around.

  28. mmm says:

    you know your a sinner bitch.

  29. Whatsinyourbag says:

    Fucking hell, yes its you, yes its your pussy, so what, big deal. We saw you pussy, you should be proud its a beautiful snatch, i would kiss it all fucking night :)

  30. Jilo says:

    It’s clearly not her nudes if you’d follow the provided links. Fucking trolls.

  31. O J Simpson says:

    Hey, She got me jacking off in my cell!!!!!

  32. Guru says:

    There is no way that tore up clam shot, belongs to that young slut.

  33. Tricky Dick says:

    Bre seem sweet as apple pie. No doubt some jealous asshole or spurned guy decided to be evil. It is unfortunate that this site does not remove posts that are so obviously fraudulent. Yes, it causes you to suffer as miscreants who lurk in the shadows come forward writing lewd comments to you personally. Continue to hold your head high, continue to be bigger than the sad, pathetic person who did this.

  34. TheHero says:

    Quite easy to now guess mmmmm is the OP and he is butthurt she shot him down!

  35. TheHero says:

    What is funny is that the OP meant to hurt Bre and we just all turned on her side!

  36. Karma says:

  37. ill_B_the_judge says:

    it’s a shame what jealous bitches will do to make a pretty girl feel bad… you can tell by her posts she’s not some little bitch. Stay classy Bre

  38. PeteTheAsianVirgin says:

    Anyone self righteous and stupid enough to get a tattoo like like that should be culled from the gene pool

  39. topdog says:

    @Bre post your pussy and we will decide !

  40. Sir.Wille Johnson says:

    In the ass all day;)

  41. pbear says:

    I mean, obviously its not hers

    Clearly if you have a functional set of eyes you can tell she tans i.n a tanning bed.

    That last photo is white as fuck. She IS a good classy girl and she isn’t dumb.
    She knows not to send those pics around.

    As for the disgusting whore bitch that posted this: you can burn in hell. Your a stupid skank ass slut who is jealous of her charm and beauty. I hope karma snaps back and gives you exactly what you deserve. I swear on everything holy if I find you or find out who you are I will tear your ass up. You are a worthless piece of shit for even trying to do this
    But your time will come when someone puts you on blast for just exactly how worthless and scandalous you really are.
    Eat rocks bitch!

  42. speeluker says:

    Bre’s tat ain’t that bad, the location is good. But as for some of these chicks, their Ink looks like jailhouse ink.

  43. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety pls can u add me at massenger or kik lonleyma2007

  44. peter jones says:

    back again to say your a fucking cocktard ,never mind fucktard, facebook images are not a revenge neither is headless body less shots,that fanny could be anyones bet she is laughing her arse of you,the arse all your mates have drilled and cum deep into ha

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