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MY EX ID # 13114
Added Jan 31, 2014

Kylie Skaggs

27 years old in Wilson, Oklahoma

"she loves the BBC!"

Anonymous 13114 says: She left me for my best friend who is black!

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  1. Jason says:

    My email is Jason.Shaffer03@gmail if you want to get her back for it, email me.

  2. Disqus11111 says:

    Headless pussy shots = fucktard. Too bad, she’s cute. I would have liked to seen the whole package. The pussy shots probably aren’t even her.


  3. Adam says:

    How do you know your friend has a big dick? Lol

  4. anthrax says:

    looks like a nigger lover to me. how could you not tell?

  5. Jason says:

    Hahah. I agree with Anthrax!!

  6. Captain says:

    Can’t blame her for wanting to upgrade from tiny little White Devil sized cock…

  7. yankingitnow says:

    You know what they say: Once you go black you go on welfare.

  8. Bigstick says:

    Useless bitch…how can you roll around with stink like a dog

  9. TRUTH says:

    Two pussy pics of an unknown female make this a double whammy fucktard post. Yes, the double whammy fucktard award goes to…….

  10. David says:

    All you racist mother fuckers. Can clearly see why these ladies are going the better route. You small cock racists dudes need to realize that women are getting tired of your shit. Get use to it…many more will be trying the better flavor! Dummies, everyone knows that women LOVE chocolate :)

  11. hump says:

    Well if he is your best friend what do your worst friends do to you?

  12. TheHero says:

    @David – they aren’t bashing you for the blackness…. THEY ARE BASHING YOU because you are a fucktard with a fucktard post and just HAPPEN to be black.

    Better flavor? Oh you mean the flavor that gets some random skank prego and then bolts faster than a 100 M sprinter?

    And boy… I love how some black people talk about racists… AND THEN GET RACIST THEMSELVES. Hypocrite much!

    Now truth: You are a fucktard simply because you made a fuck tard post…. HEADLESS NUDES IS A SURE FIRE WAY to get labled and teased here. It is natural.

    @ Captain – As for the “white devil cock” comment…. we have seen here TIME AND TIME again that that “BBC thing” isn’t as mythed a bit. One simply needs to go through the archives to see they are small and big cocked white and blacks….. so easy 5 1/4 inch Captain….easy!

    Alright… I think my job is done on this post.

  13. TheHero says:

    Oh, one more quick question….. and this is serious …to the good people of black color. WHY DO SOME OF YOUR PEOPLE GET THE 300 -400 POUND WHALES and/or the toothless crack heads. I mean yeah, occassionally I see them pick up a girl who would rate a 7 or higher…. but JESUS, I have seen some hideous choices!

  14. Captain says:

    @TheHero, I dont spend much time looking at the male penis’ that get posted. Do gay things much do you? However, I can only go by what Im told anecdotally and women of multiple races have assured me the “myth” is rather accurate, of course there will always be exceptions to every rule.

    Also, I noticed that you made a point to attack all of the black posters and didn’t have a single word to say about “anthrax” who was the 1st poster to get racial besides for the OP (who you had no words for either) – selective annoyance for intolerance?!?!?! Me thinks so!

    Fuck outta here you racist prick…

  15. TRUTH says:

    Rather see that girls friend in the pic than her

  16. topdog says:

    OP is a fucktard

  17. Captain says:


  18. TheHero says:

    @Captain – *insert pretend hurt* And to think…I just complimented you on another page. Tisk Tisk

    As for the Anthrax post, truthfully, I don’t care if he is racist…..and truthfully I don’t car if you are too. I went to get a response….and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    As for the “gay”… I make comments on everybody (mostly the women, but occassionally the guys)…. depends on the pic on the main page (which doesn’t have nudity. I know I dig the girls and thus don’t get hurt if some one ON THE INTERNET wants to “troll me” by saying I’m gay or faking my name, etc etc etc.

    And truth be told…. I dabble with a chocolate flavor every now and then. They twerk better than white girls :-)

  19. Disqus11111 says:

    @el capitan – If you start at the top, you’re the first commenter to bring race into it., but you’d like to skip over that truth wouldn’t you? Only a moron makes a remark like you did and thinks the response from other morons isn’t going to be on the same level. In your stupidity you thought you were being funny and everybody would laugh and tell you what a comic genius you were. Instead, you started a bunch of jerks on the race train. Total FAIL. @TheHero isn’t defending @anthrax or anyone else. In reality, he is making a solid case for you being the racist. You played the race card in response to a couple of assholes posting on a revenge site. Do you expect the majority of people here to be Harvard grads? David is not getting hammered because he is black (if he is) and if you can’t see that then you should consider returning to the 6th grade. Why would you care what a few nameless, faceless assholes say? It’s like if I wasted my time caring when our resident troll starts with the gay stuff and using our user names. You let them get under your skin and you become the bigger asshole. The only one who cares if you are black are you and a few other assholes. Get over your shit.

  20. TheHero says:

    And thattttttt is why I am………………………………

    *insert dramatic pause*

    ………………………………………………. The Hero!

  21. TheHero says:

    @ Disqus – um, bro, Anthrax actually used the word nigger first and brought race into it.

  22. TheHero says:

    Okay since Jesse Jackson just contacted me, I have to make fun of a white person now (affirmative action and all)

    @Anthrax – you have to learn what a word means. Everybody equates nigger to mean black…. but in reality it was a slave. Slave traders did not call the black people of Africa, with whom they bought the slaves from, niggers. They called only the slaves niggers. Why?

    Because the word refers to simply a slave/servant who couldn’t read-write-speak the Queen’s English.

    Another word essentially the same (but a step up) is “serf”

    Which I guess this lesson is for everybody.

    It’s like hijacking the word “thug”. Thug was simply a bully…. It came to gangs during the Irish and Italians who would “strong arm” people, That is why hockey enforcers are referred to as thugs. Just because black culture took “thug” for there inner city gangs, doesn’t mean they have a monopoly on the word…..

    And this people is your history lesson for the day.

    And who said Myex couldn’t be educational!

  23. TheHero says:

    And now, I think I deservingly should be flamed for the hijacking of this post.

    I would like to apologize to the panel for my actions and hijacking of the thread. I would like to apologize to my children (of which I don’t know if I have any),,,,,This “multiple in a row” post in no way reflects me and my character.

    I am truly ashamed that I have blurred the lines between dumb down entertainment and education. I will try to refrain in the future, from posting messages of substance and intelligence.

    In closing, I will strive to continue my dumbing down process IN HOPES that I can one day reach the level of the average unintelligent OPs.

    The Hero

    [and if you don't find my fake apology funny.... go fuck yourself]

  24. Dizzleshizzle says:

    What a fucktard…I’m cool for saying fucktard right??

  25. TheHero says:

    And that’s why I am ……………………………..

    …………………….THE HERO!

    [cause I took a fucktard thread and made it minorly relevant!

  26. TRUTH says:


  27. TRUTH says:

    I hate it when the boys are fighting, come on chill. We’re all on the same side

  28. Captain says:

    @Disqus11111, please look again. I only posted that because of anthrax’s ignorant ass comment. However, I really don’t care about Hero’s response or anthrax’s original comment. i just found it hilarious that he would choose to call out each and every ignorant/racial post that a non-white wrote and ignore the original ignorant racial post which was anthrax’s “nigger lover’ comment and someone immediately agreeing with it. So Disqus1111, please reread the post and shut the fuck up forever!

    Its funny how on a weekly basis I see all kinds of ignorant comments about non-whites and the one day I was bored enough to respond to the ignorance it turns the thread into an amazing shit show. You white boys need to get some thicker skin like us “niggers” (as you like to call us).

    LMAO at all the fucktards who are selective about when ignorant racial talk is unnecessary or deserving of indignation. Its always wrong and I’m glad my post highlighted so many people’s hypocrite behavior. If y’all really are bothered by that shit shut it down weekly when the N word, porch monkey, and welfare jokes are tossed around on this site and not just when a non-white randomly hurls an insult back at you pale faced fucks.

    Now get back to jerking off and get over yourselves fucktards! And I still love you pervs whether you’re a racist or not ;)

  29. Captain says:

    @Hero, no worries, trust that we are good. I just found it interesting at who you responded to as I already stated – very interesting. As I also noted, in my book, we are all good – whether I think you’re a racist or not. Now keep on with the jerkfest pervs.

  30. TheHero says:

    @Truth – We aren’t fighting… me and Captain just took a fucktard post and made it interesting!

  31. Captain says:

    ^^^what he said^^^

  32. alpha 23 says:

    She left you for a black guy? I assume that is meant as a derogatory comment. But think about this,she left you for the black guy. You, fuckard are at the bottom of the gene pool.

  33. Disqus11111 says:

    @Captian, If wrong, I apologize for an overreaction. I get tired of the race garbage too no matter who is interjecting it. I see it and maybe I read a little fast when I saw it unfolding. Mea culpa.

  34. Captain says:

    @Disqus1111, its all good buddy. And apologies to any and all who were offended by my comments. Now lets get back to belittling these slags!

  35. topdog says:

    ok guys everyone good now?

  36. TerminalShutdown says:

    Wait, your best friend is a fuking coon and your surprised he betrayed you? Go kill yourself nigger-lover and all you race traders in here epolgzing to porch monkeys for telling the truth? WTF has the world come to?

  37. TheHero says:

    Oh, fuck off TS…. it’s 2014, not 1914… we will be okay. Typically, I agree with you, but not on this. Idiocracy knows no bounds or race or any other group (as we have seen on this site).

  38. TheHero says:

    I dated one of those “niggers” and I didn’t melt (well I did….just not in her hand :-) )

    I didn’t get screwed over or anything… we just went separate ways and we are still good friends (as I am with most my exes).

    It didn’t lower my IQ, I didn’t all of a sudden start talking Ebonics. We didn’t start “rollin in the hood”. She could read better than a lot of the trailorpark trash I know.

    It was alright.

    And for the record…. race….I am celtic and if I REALLY CARED, I would make sure I didn’t hook up with Germans or French….. just like all indians are the same, all Africans aren’t from the same tribe….etc etc etc.

  39. TheHero says:

    just like all indians are the same = just like all indians AREN’T the same.

  40. TheHero says:

    @TerminalShutdown – So breath….calm down….EASY! It will be okay. You’ll be alright!

  41. mike_nolastname says:

    why does it matter if he’s black….

  42. Captain says:

    It only matters to the idiots. This world is full of them!

  43. Disqus11111 says:

    Im black and my cock is blue!

  44. speeluker says:

    Guys enough of this racist shit, the actual meaning of “nigger” is a lazy person. So we can have white ones, red ones, yellow ones, black ones and brown ones. Anybody can be a nigger. We all bleed the same color am I right?

    I myself am a redneck, and that is not a racist either. I will tell you the origin of “redneck” do y’all remember the original farmers from the 19th century a before? They had the the old farm equipment. No modern tractors, they had to rely on themselves and man power. They had to walk behind horse drawn plows, and because the beat down on them, causing there neck turning red; hence the term “red neck” and the term stuck. That’s the origin of the term redneck.

  45. 1488 says:

    If you have a monkey for a friend, it’s well deserved ! ! !
    And remember….Once she goes black we dont want her back.

  46. TheHero says:

    Speeluker – I knew the definition of redneck, but thank you for enlightening the others. Though slightly incorrect on the other definition since it originated before anybody could be “lazy”.

    That said I myself joke I am blue-neck… cause we don’t get the sun enough to be red….. *insert laughing till I realize the joke wasn’t funny*

    I am Celtic myself ….and our “degrading term” is mick. Stemming from how a lot of the names are McSomething and O’something. Back in the early 20th century, we were treated lower than colored people. They may have had to sit at the other end or in special seats…. WE COULDN’T EVEN GET SEATS. Specially if you came right off the boat back then… which led to Irish gangs and us being “thugs”

    And guess what, that was over/almost a 100 years ago. I think we are okay now. We moved on…. Catholics and Protestants….they talk now.

    And to 1488 – are we still bitter that we lost and our leader ended up covered on petrol and on fire?

    Just saying 2014, we can come up to speed a little.

    Truthfully, I dislike everybody equally.

  47. TRUTH(The Real Truth) says:

    Well, I must say, we are in the presence of some very intelligent guys, you all resolved that very well and humans are humans, I have a penchant for cute little brown beings and those from SE Asia, but I admit certain groups I’m not fussed on, Arabs and some Indian groups, I’ve never had an issue with our African American cousins, I suppose its the history which is the biggest hump to get over.

    Anyone notice this fucktard OP has posted two of the same pussies?

  48. Captain says:

    This thread should go into the MyEx hall of fame.Not for teh actual post but for all the fuckery that it precipitated, lol.

    This thread is oddly beautiful in its ugliness…

  49. DicDonKay says:

    Cum together right now over her.

  50. Bigstick says:

    I HATE FUCKING NIGGERS…fuck all you fuck lowlife mother fuckers who think different…proud to be white…go suck obamas dick david

  51. TRUTH says:

    I love fat donkey dick myself

  52. Bigstick says:

    Fuck you too captain

  53. TRuTH says:

    Da TRuTh!!!!!

  54. Balls Deep says:

    BBC has some good programming. “Luther” was an excellent show, and their news is more trustworthy than MSNBC, CNN or Faux.

  55. TRUTH(The Real Truth) says:

    I am a faggot…got any fat dick pics anyone?

  56. Gary says:

    oh….yeah….camouflage outfits ….rebel flags…red necks….zero blacks in her pics…anti obama pics….only BBC she wants is bass fishing, budweiser beer & crack rock….peace bitches!

  57. Disqus11111 says:

    Truth are you ok buddy, you starting to freak me out with your dick comments

  58. JUDGE says:

    not impressed

  59. SNAKE says:

    not a bad looking skank. she prob smells like coco butter and fromunda cheese tho.

  60. Captain says:

    Love you too BigStick, Muah!!!

  61. Bigstick says:

    I have something you can kiss captain

  62. kylie says:

    I only slept with with him one time and payback is coming for you

  63. Jealous says:

    I want to see the girl in the white bikini naked.

  64. Jeremy says:

    Kylie you’re such a fucking slut

  65. Bigstick says:

    I am a little bitch. Sorry Captain for insulting you. I know I could never match up to you!

  66. TheHero says:

    Wow, that’s nice of you to admit, Bigstick

  67. Kylie says:

    Hahahaha this is sooooo not me. Thanks douchebag for whoever added a “vagina shot.” However, I’m covered in tattoos from my neck to my ass. Good try though! I’m not racist either, but I only date white men. Once again, Epic Fail!

  68. Kylie says:

    Now there is someone posing as me on here leaving comments!!! Get outta here

  69. Kylie says:

    If I didn’t have a tattoo to prove that picture isn’t me, then I would be pissed, but I do. Sooooo.. with that said, fellas those are my Fb pictures, but that’s not my vagina. This page is from Europe for gods sake lol they hack your Fb acct and take profile pictures from your account, and then go to a porn site and add porn picture. It’s 2014.. You think I’m stupid enough to take a picture like that? or stupid enough to send it to someone? FUCK NO! That is disgusting.

  70. real kylie says:

    So what if they are me I know who I sent these to and I will pay them back

  71. topdog says:

    @kylie sooo post your tattooed pussy then so we can see!

  72. Law maker says:

    Is it because this chick love’s BBC that’s why all this comment’s on this page. I do have some BBC for her.
    Dude… find someone that loves your dick just the way it is.

  73. easy is a bitch says:

    She is just like truth according to the headline

  74. Jealous says:

    @kylie..where are the naked pictures of the girl in the white bikini???

  75. Captain says:

    Sorry for being a faggot bigstick

  76. bruce says:

  77. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety can u add me pls at massenger or kik lonleyman2007

  78. TheHeros slut says:

    GET AT ME 315-725-8611

  79. Blaze says:

    Hey kylie holla at me 2542172935

  80. skank says:

    pretty sure i see blue fingernail polish in the robe shot. looks like you derobed and you can see you’re still sitting in the same computer chair seen in the strikingly uninteresting vagina shots.

  81. alexander says:

    she left you for a black dick? i don’t get it… why would she choose to be a single mother?

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