Katelin Michelle Cook

From Kentucky, United States at Age 23

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Crazy, manipultive, victim playing, bipolar, cheating, meth-addicted, Moxville NC bitch

Got with this "woman" back in 2015, thought she just simply had a hard life and bad wrap- truly the …most fucked up chick I've dated. Adopted in to the Cook family in North Carolina, an apparent abusive couple who owns a farm, which I don't doubt the severe abuse, with hindsight, I think most of hers was much deserved. Anyway; I thought I'd give her a chance, she seemed sweet and wanting something good...at first. She got hooked on meth, about fucked up a few of my friendships, constantly lied about shit. I had thought she had quit smoking the shit, until she used it as an excuse because of how stressful this security job was, she had. Blah, blah, blah, got back on it behind my back with our roommate(Donald Clayton JR)...found out through friends to watch her closely and discovered she and probably he since moving in was slowly stealing my shit. One day they just staged a robbery to which he took blame by taking his and her stuff an disappearing. I went through her shit one day while she was "secretly" in the bathroom hitting a bone, found some of my shit. After that I changed the lock and sat her shit out I didn't want to keep and kicked her ass out. She used to talk about this so-called twin sister named Chloe, who she admitted was a figment of her imagination, who she used to talk to when locked in her sealed room, or a closet, or generally alone. The mental figure she claimed she wish she could be. Had all these stories of how Chloe always ends up in the same city as her and other farfetched stories on how she's with their biological parents and they're forcing her to sling meth, heroin, and shit. She was a good lay, good pussy, nice tits. IF you see her around Louisville, don't hesitate to sock her in the mouth, she may fight back, other than that she's just loud and weak. She doesn't deserve any friendship, much less to be trusted. She used, manipulated and robbed the dude she was with, waiting for Donnie to get out of jail, so she could get back with him, she deserves nothing but a beat down and total loneliness. I know I'm still looking for her. Wish I had saw it earlier than I did, but that was my about 2000 dollar plus mistake.
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From Massachusetts, United States at Age 28

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Found out he had a girlfriend

I was sleeping with him on and off for the past few years....turns out he had a girlfriend
224 votes

Zenacia Green

From Florida, United States at Age 20

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Wants to travel, be successful but in reality, she's just another whore.

People call her Z, she's horny all the time and loves to pretend to "commit" to someone.
706 votes

Melissa shields

From Western Australia, Australia at Age 36

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Melissa shields Cheating slut

Went out with this slut for 4 yrs nothing but lies cheating. Would tell you anything you wanna hear …takes your money whinges and refuses to putout for me regularly because she got 5 other guys too. Sucks a good dick about all she good for. She from heathridge perth wa. Drives illegal blue gq patrol
780 votes


From Utah, United States at Age 22

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Thought I would share.

Fucks guys she barely knows.
1,262 votes

Bridget Hill

From Rhode Island, United States at Age 34

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Oakridge 1# whore

This whore will fuck, suck, and lick to get the any drug she wants.. So guy and gals if you got some …good meth.. She will do anything for you..
1,261 votes

Bre beck

From Indiana, United States at Age 24

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Cock hungry whore

Cock hungry whore. Tried to get her to leave her husband but kept fucking him behind my back.
1,573 votes


From Utah, United States at Age 48

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Cheating wife

This naughty wife will eat almost anybody's dick. Spank her on the ass bend her over and fuck her in …public.
1,342 votes

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