Taylor Miller

From Minnesota, United States at Age 22

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This guy is just awful

Literally cant trust a word out of his mouth. Hes lazy as fuuuuck and Id be surprised if he ever …actually did anything with his life other than part time fast food. High school drop out with no ambition, but still feels entitled to receive handouts from everyone around him. Also he smells like balls all the time and Im pretty sure he either has gingivitis or just never brushes his teeth.
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Christian Cosme

From Florida, United States at Age 26

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Dirty homeless cheating liar

Hes a liar, cheater, waste of space. He has no money and no where to stay. He is horrible in bed, …cant even keep his dick hard. He looks like a Muslim terrorist has the worst breath. All he does is smoke weed snort coke. He is also a thief and felon. Beware!!!
883 votes

Katelynn Fisher

From Michigan, United States at Age 19

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Katelynn fisher is a hoe.

Well i was with her for over 2 years and all she did was cheat and lie because she wanted more and …more and freaked out when i left to go to work.she always lied to me and always was a bitch. She fucked so many people i knew wile i was with her and even fucked her own step dad.
2,423 votes

Jessica Bedarek

From Nordrhein-westfalen, Germany at Age 18

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Cheat Revenge

I really loved her and did anything for her. She just couldnt wait to cheat me! Hey slut, now the …pics you made for me last chistmal are visible for anyone. I hope they are shared massively.
1,317 votes

Randy Miller

From Florida, United States at Age 24

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Speedy Gonzales

Just a low down dirty shame, dont have much to say, we met on a whim, he seemed goofy and completely …dorky, which i thought was a cool and sweet, then we have sex and he turned into a complete jerk, it was one the worse bit of sex i ever had and hope no other girl falls for this, enjoy..... I know i didnt, face of disappointment
885 votes

Ayana Pederigan

From Virginia, United States at Age 19

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Ayana Pederigan

This slut was sending pictures and videos to my boyfriend for almost a year while she had a …boyfriend of her own. Apparently also she goes to NOVA and will hook up with anyone who gives her a drink. She recently hooked up with some dude a few months ago while she supposedly still had a boyfriend Derek Dwyer. So of youve fucked this girl you should let him know httpm.facebook.comderek.dwyer.9__user100001734005100!derek.dwyer.9__user100001734005100softjewel3D1!!!!
1,426 votes

Aubreigh McCartney

From California, United States at Age 23

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Slutty sweetheart

I dont have too many bad things to say about this girl other than the fact that she is a liar and a …cheater. She is engaged to get married but we been having sex on the side for almost a year. She kept telling me she would leave him for me but she never did. Im finally done with the games.. she wants to play me then this is my revenger. She is amazing in bed, gives the best head ever, and has banging tits.
1,330 votes

Matthew Hanson

From North Carolina, United States at Age 20

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Tiny boys R Us!

Told me he worked at Toys R Us when he actually worked at Babies R Us, which is appropriate …considering his dick size.rnThe most selfish asshole i have ever met with deadbeat parents. Probably related to the devil.rnHe smashed my laptop, my phone, my ipod, and my lamp and took all my clothes, shoes, makeup, everything and destroyed them.rnHe has raped me and abused me.rnAll he listens to is dubstep and he spends all his free time making music thats not even good and smoking weed with the few friends he has.rnThis poor little boy thinks he has power over anyone who crosses his path, what a shame i once loved him.
1,132 votes

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