Hazel Brunk

From Ohio, United States at Age 26

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Hazel Jane Brunk

Hoe Slut Skank Has Herpes and will not tell you eather.You fuck with this chick get your junk …checked. I received funk and she claimed to be a virgin.
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Ben Jalet

From Connecticut, United States at Age 47

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Cougars and Single Mothers or any gender with a rich relative dying. Jalet Con Man

Cheat, psycho liar with the charm of a prince. Narcissist with cognitive dissonance when it comes to …reality.rnCheated with 6the women while my father was terminal in the hospital. I heard he stuck it out only because I was due to inherit . Did the same with his ex wife. Treats his kids horridly but my kids charmingly. Thief, used my credit cards to buy himself luxury items while hemy had toto borrow my childs clothes.rnTotal alcoholic WAY TOO MUCH ECSTACY.rnFound granny porn in his closet and extreme grannyteen porn on data disc.rnGlad I snooped. Oh, hes got herpes, HPV, and reccurent ass problems as he loves challenging the elasticity of his sphincter. Its damn frightning. Truly a bad person... Psychopath.
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Jesse Hansen

From Nebraska, United States at Age 25

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Sucking Dick for Food Stamps

He cheated on me right before he left me for good. He has a small penis. He stole my hat, shirt, and …mp3 player. He lied about everything and he almost got me addicted to drugs. Hes a disgusting slob that mooches off of anyone hes ever met. He sucked a guys dick for food stamps after he left me, for Christs sake! Hes such a big whore that he has a following of hatred. This fakeass juggalo needs to be stopped!
1,780 votes

Mary Ellsworth

From California, United States at Age 33

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Worst person ever

This bitch is driving me crazy. She goes up and down the coast, sleeping with every guy she can …find. Stay clear.
1,602 votes

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