Karen Sadonis

From New York, United States at Age 22

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Psychotic Bitch. But Really.

As nice as could be until she got what she wanted out of me. I proposed and then she turned into a …psychopath. Cheated on me. Mentally abused me. Broke my heart. Shes a bitch.
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Jeremy English

From Texas, United States at Age 20

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Asshole! Spread this cheaters shit around!

Stupid son of a bitch has cheated, lied, and fucked me over countless times. Pregnant with his son …yet he still treats me like shit! Horrible father already, serial dater, and a fucking horrible man. Fucked me over one too many times, time for a little revenge!
2,412 votes

Allyissa Hammrick

From Tennessee, United States at Age 23

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Alyissa ally hammrick loves cum

No complaints here this girl would suck me off just to taste cum. We would be doing something non …sexual like eating or watching tv and before I knew she had her lips around my cock.
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Vic Rodriguez

From California, United States at Age 38

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The very unsexy photos of a dicks dick

He uses Viagra AND Cialis which he hides in his closet in a wooden box under his shelves, he uses …tons of hair growth products and shampoos. He photoshops more hair onto his pix before uploading them online. Small mexican weiner. Liar slept w/my friends sister and my now ex bestfriend. He's a terrible drunk!!! He took Vicodine all the time, drank alcohol with it and couldn't have sex after, till he took Viagra...
1,992 votes

Keri Santor

From Ontario, Canada at Age 28

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Dude RUN!

This girl seems smart and wonderful at first.... but then you realize she is as crazy as they come …. She's a huge liar and the biggest slob I've met. She's got multiple animal abuse charges pending in Hamilton. The autistic sister she claims to be the guardian of was taken away from her do to abuse. she may be going as vyvyan santor now too. IF YOU SEE HER RUNNNNNNN! B*tch be crazy
3,239 votes

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