Brian Jansen

From Pennsylvania, United States at Age 37

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Pink panty wearing man thinks women are wimps

Brian makes various sexist comments towards women about them being wimps and that they belong in the …kitchen. The amusing part is he seems to enjoy wearing ladies pink knickers which covers up his non existent penis.
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Alex Barreda Chocano

From La Paz, Peru at Age 42

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Asshole Cheater

Cheated just after his wife had given birth. Denied existence of child and marriage.
1,005 votes

Alex Barreda

From Lima, Peru at Age 39

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Alex Barreda image #2 | En las oficinas Syasa Malvina Alex Barreda image #3 | Alex Barreda image #4 | cuando no trabaja, le gusta tomar fotos de su triste pene

Ama su propio pene

no hay felicidad completa
919 votes

Katie Pierini

From British Columbia, Canada at Age 36

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Katie Pierini image #2 | katie pierini Katie Pierini image #3 | heartless katie pieini

Katie pierini, cold heartless, only gives a shit about herself

Cheater........heartlesss distroy a family to cheat......supermom
1,878 votes

Ellie Eloise

From North Dakota, United States at Age 20

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More pics of this slut!

She would take loads of naked pictures and send them to anyone to try get some dick, she liked it in …every hole and multiple at a time.
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