Theodore Mutchler

From Florida, United States at Age 39

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Terry Mutchler is a pathological liar who acts like he has money

He will borrow money from you and not pay it back, and straight up con you and your friends and …family into thinking he has money and business connections. He acts like he's going to make millions as a pornographer but in reality he is always in debt and sleeping on couches or living with his dad. rnrnTerry Mutchler lives in Key West right now and he likes living there because he is a closeted fag. He admitted while high on coke to sucking dick and fondling men and he also banged himself in the ass with his girlfriend's vibrator while she was passed out sleeping. rnrnHe loves to drink until he falls off barstools, snort coke until he blows a gay guy in the bathroom, and he'll take any pill in sight. rnrnBEWARE OF THIS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND HIS NONEXISTENT SCHEMES OF MONEY!!!!
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Amanda Parks

From Texas, United States at Age 28

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Amanda Parks is a Meth addict & a las Vegas Hooker

Anonymous146 says:Amanda Parks moved from Texas to Las Vegas with her black pimp in 2005. She was an …active Escort working the casinos & has been 86'd from most of the hotel Casinos. She developed a heavy Meth addiction & would smoke it daily. She moved back to Texas in 08 then six months later was back in Vegas mooching off a guy she met on 2 weeks later she was working the casinos again, smokin & sucking the proverbial cock again.
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Taryn Southern

From California, United States at Age 28

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Taryn Southern: Social Climber but a terrific lay

Taryn Southern is a gorgeous girl with an amazing body and she can do things between the sheets that …will make a man feel incredible. She is a first class fuck and if you are a producer or director or anyone with an upcoming project she is more than willing and able to "work with you" on the audition. She knows what she's worth and she's willing to barter.
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Gregory Lamont

From New York, United States at Age 50

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Gregory Lamont

Gregory Lamont is a Transvestite! Only after years of being together did I discover that Gregory …got kicks from wearing women's clothes, including my own.
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Lisa Wilson

From Oklahoma, United States at Age 28

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Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Anonymous93 says:Watch out fellas this girl is a straight up wolf in sheep's clothing. She's really …hot, awesome to to hang out with but when it comes down to it, you don;t want to fall in love with her. She has different aliases but I think her real name is Lisa aka Leelee. Furthermore, I think she's now working as an escort and has listings online at!
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