David Jones

From Utah, United States at Age 51

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David Jones is a scumbag asshole.

and when he finally meets someone nice and pretty whos willing to put up with his bullshit and have …sex with him and isnt a gold digging whore he treats them like absolute shit.i guess you have to be a white,bland dumb ugly tacky golddigging whore.
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Paige Bauer

From Pennsylvania, United States at Age 20

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The cheating whore

Shes a complete whore will sleep with anyone who gives her there number surprising clean for being …with not even lying by age 20 80 guys easy fuck n can suck a dick haha will fuck anyone 1440
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El Eloise

From North Dakota, United States at Age 20

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My slutty ex!

She used to take dirty pictures of herself and send them to anyone, as well as sleep with anyone she …could!
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Dale Ellington

From Virginia, United States at Age 59

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Manwhore of the year

He searches internet dating sites and facebook for woman to date for sex and what ever he fancies …. He told me I was the only person he was dating and found out he was dating several woman. I broke it off last time I caught him. A total stranger approached me and told me Dale had been sleeping with his ex. who had a STD. He is a poor excuse for a man. a real low life. He is out for his self and to Hell with everyone else. He says he is a Christian and attends church regular, not so. He has no penis, bad lover, out for his self and cant perform in the bedroom. I can kick myself for getting involved with this loser. He is a complusiver liar and cheater.
1,578 votes

Corey Curry

From Louisiana, United States at Age 34

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Ladies Watch Out for COREY CURRY

Ladies, BEWARE of The Mayor of Chalmette, LA!!!! COREY ALEXANDER CURRY is a BROKE ass slime ball POS ….. He will slitter into your life, completely destroy it, take everything you have, and then slitter on out before you even know what hit you. And when you do .. you will realize its CHLAMYDIA and HPV!!! This BROKE Bastard is INFESTED WITH STDs!! His dick is COVERED in WARTS! He has sex with EVERYTHING ANYTHING that he can get his hands on! Yet only showers about once a month! He is absolutely DISGUSTING!! He will do everything he can to get EVERY Penny you have when he can no longer get any money out of you.. hes GONE!! He has about 20 kids does not take care of any of them. He continues to have sex with ALL of his childrens mothers just to keep them from putting him on child support.
2,728 votes

Sade Craine

From Texas, United States at Age 28

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Sade Craine military whore

Homewecker... thats all there is to say. Once a hoe always a hoe
2,415 votes

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