Kayla Gilbert

From Massachusetts, United States at Age 24

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I miss her.... kind of

She was a real fun fuck. thought id share these with some other people! too good to just be left to …me and my friends
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Jessica McDowell

From Florida, United States at Age 37

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This dirty chick asked me to help her when we started seeing each other so I put her up with a place …to stay and she ran off with my laptop and I still have yet to get it back so be on the lookout for her shes bad news
2,254 votes

Kirsty Gilmour

From California, United States at Age 22

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Girl nude

She let me take a few photos topless and nude, had pretty decent tits I thought. Fucked her a lot!
1,866 votes

Mary King

From Texas, United States at Age 24

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Anal slut

This bitch married me and less than a month later left me for my best friend that I have often …called my little brother. But I guess its ok being as I ass fucked her, came in her ass, went from her ass to her mouth, and fucked her about six times a day while we were together. So if that ex best friend wants a fresh hole he had better look else where cause I used every one she has, and used them hard
2,509 votes

Heather Enerson

From Illinois, United States at Age 24

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This broke down hoe

Shes a lier a cheater n a sneak... takes my car cheats with this guy in the pic... we have a child …together Im the single parent... she needs to choke on a dick for a change.... she has ducks a lot of aurora ... has sucked a dick for a cheeseburger.... n u no its true when her own brothers tell u that.. both children she had she had to guess the babys dad...
2,673 votes

Jose Martinez

From California, United States at Age 36

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Best lier ever

He knows all the right words and when to say them. He is by far the best in bed ever but he will be …with u and all ur friends....... mega cheater
1,123 votes

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