Kimberly Jackson

From Indiana, United States at Age 21

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Kimberly slut Jackson the slut of columbia city

basically last january i met kimberly right off the bat we had a connection. our first real date was …valntines day no guy ever really treated her to valentines day. so i bought her roses and chocolate and we went to a all you can eat japanese buffet and the comic shop and took pics. it was a very very good date. after that we talked and everything was fuckin super. then she had a surgery done on her throat. she couldnt talk for 2 weeks. no one would talk to her cause she couldnt talk but i did. i read a book to her a few chapters a night. i was the only one who did that. well once she was all healed she wanted to stay at my place. she lives a hour and a half away. so i found a way to go get her. and bring her there i made her a homade shrimp scampi and white wine dinner. and desert was chocolate covored apples. again no guy ever did this for her.that night we did it. after that not even 10 secs.she was actin weird like all sad and stuff. she wanted to go home the next day (mind you she was supposed to stay 3 days) so i arranged it. after that all we did was talk.rnWELL i found out she was sexting and wanting to fuck my friend caleb well i let it slide cause i really really really loved her. THEN i find out she has a secret bf ALEX in PA. she made the promise "if alex fucks up im gonna be with you" alex fucked up 7 times bfore she left him but did she keep her promise?rnnornso i went to her place and she jumped my bones. but she didnt wanna be with me instead she said to try datin other girls.rnso i didrnchristina,nikki and a few othres you can tell she was jealous of everyone of them meanwhile she isnt dating cause she is "to busy" well on christmas eve i texted her via comp to see if she got my christmas giftrnshe didrnbut i also found out about this new guy. me and her got into a big argument about how she treated me. and she sends me this messagernrn"I have been busy and stressed from work and on my only day off i like being fucked to the point i cant move because it make Makes me forget about everything else"rnrnrnso i cut her from my life butcant rest knowing she fucked me over. so i made a alternate plenty of fish account and used a friends pics and im posing as a guy that she is REALLY into. she is such a slut she sent me TONS of naked pics lol she even calls this account master lol such a slut. im totally enjoying my revenge >:3
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Ashley Gephart

From California, United States at Age 27

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Ashley Brassfield Fresno's Biggest Freshoe

This girl went behind her husbands back the was serving his country in the air force, and cheats on …him for another guy. She used her new lover to only escape the life as a wife. Ex husband Ryan gets remarried and his new wife puts Ashley on blast!LOL After find that out she makes his life a living hell and blames him for just loving her, and once again cheats on him. rnrnAttention All you Frat boys don’t expect much oooo or ahhhs from this one. A goodnight of fun nothing more and if you plant it in the right place she might just think of her ex husband Ryan. Ashley Brassfield loves to play the victim, don’t be fooled she’s been doing this for a very very long time. An innsecure selfish heartless BiTcH!!!!rnWatch out for this lieing Hoe at Swiggs, Red Wave or in Tower District people. She'll put on the little miss innocent Christian Girl Act for you all.
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Eric Freda

From New Jersey, United States at Age 40

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Cheating panty wearing scumbag

Eric is an abusive cheating scumbag. He has a four inch penis and I think the facebook picture will …verify that as he ever admitted it. He likes wearing women's panties and I didn't mind it until I found out that he cheated on me. I then took photos and left him.
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Rachel Falkov

From New York, United States at Age 22

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Desperate Pothead

This little slut was so desperate to get some pot she agreed to show me her rack. I'd always wanted …to see it, but she has a boyfriend. Who know all I had to do was tell her where to get pot? Of course, after she sent me the pics I never told her ;) I figure she deserves this for being such a slut and sending me these pics when she has a boyfriend. Enjoy!
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Liz Alvarez

From California, United States at Age 22

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Slut Liz

We dated for three years while I was in the military. While I was gone she would fuck others from …time to time. Eventually I found out and encouraged the little slut to keep getting fucked. She even took on the job of stripping to get more dick. I would go watch her be a perfect little slut. Eventually she fell in love with someone else and that was the end of that adventure.
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Mike Weeks

From New Hampshire, United States at Age 54

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He cheated on me with a girl half my age!

Just here to embarrass my asshole Ex-BF. Help me out by spreading his photos allover online. Let me …know where so I can see! LMAO!
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Crystal Sauer

From Arizona, United States at Age 23

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Crystal the Junkie

She abandonded her child and is now fucking for dope! she does herion and steals from her family to …do dope Updated: Crystal the Junkie was arrested on April 23 for Trespassing and Theft
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Taylor Green

From Utah, United States at Age 21

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Gingers really dont have souls

That lier I have been dating for three whole years that I thought were beautiful haha. Well he …decided to take advantage of me when I left to arizona. I gave him the keys to my car and the keys to my house. He went and used MY CAR to go get heroine and use them. He used MY CAR to go hang out with some becca girl and get some head from her! Im furious! and thats why im here :)
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