Katrina Yonts

From California, United States at Age 22

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Katrina Yonts

She sucks my dick in cali she calls her mom in wa then rides my dick wile hur husbnd goes work then …yells at the kids n takes my lickor in her throat nd sucks my nut some more
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Alyssa Christine

From New York, United States at Age 23

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Waste of a human being

This cunt will pretend to be nice and love you but you'll soon find out you're just a tool at her …disposal.
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Gianna Ntempou

From Attiki, Greece at Age 45

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The slut school teacher

I was married. She knew it! She had sex with me from the first date. I fall in love with her. I was …ready to destroy my family for her. She never appreciated whatever I did for her. She was a psycho... She believed that I had an affair with every woman that was close to me!... She especially suspected her friend! She destroyed me... She is worthless... All I wish now is to pay her back the same way...
7,749 votes

Nicole Polizzi

From New Jersey, United States at Age 25

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Snookie, wears the same tampon for 4 days at a time

Well where to begin. Here is a start, my ex gf the snookster doesnt believe in showers and likes to …wear the same cloth for days. While we were together during the filming of jersey shore season 3, she barely changed her underwear. And left the same tampon in for days!!!! Gross i Know. Even on episode 6 of season 3 you see her tampon string hanging out between her legs, talk about class right!!! I also remember walking down the seaside boardwalk with her to get on the sky ride while we had hundreds of fans flock us, and this poor little girl who was sick, her mom said that all she wanted was for snooki to say hi to her, guess what my POS ex gf did, nothing, what she did do, was turn away and look at me and say " ughh, i cant stand these people!! " What a total bitch, isnt even grateful for the people who made her what she is today!!! She isnt the little sweetheart everyone thinks she is!!! I am calling you out snooki!!! Just because your all famous now doesnt mean shit!!! Im on a reality show as well and know how to respect and show love to all my fans. you should learn the same!!! Shame on fucking you!!!
9,230 votes

Theodore Mutchler

From Florida, United States at Age 39

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Terry Mutchler is a pathological liar who acts like he has money

He will borrow money from you and not pay it back, and straight up con you and your friends and …family into thinking he has money and business connections. He acts like he's going to make millions as a pornographer but in reality he is always in debt and sleeping on couches or living with his dad. rnrnTerry Mutchler lives in Key West right now and he likes living there because he is a closeted fag. He admitted while high on coke to sucking dick and fondling men and he also banged himself in the ass with his girlfriend's vibrator while she was passed out sleeping. rnrnHe loves to drink until he falls off barstools, snort coke until he blows a gay guy in the bathroom, and he'll take any pill in sight. rnrnBEWARE OF THIS PATHOLOGICAL LIAR AND HIS NONEXISTENT SCHEMES OF MONEY!!!!
5,123 votes

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