Jamie Shultz

From Ohio, United States at Age 39

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Jamie Shultz. (Whore)

Was engaged to get married then found out she had multiples affairs in the last year of our …relationship. Just ended up being the biggest whore I've ever met
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Madison ??????

From California, United States at Age 24

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Naughty little SoCal Slut

This is a naughty little slut that likes to have fun and not tell her boyfriend about it. She loves …to be shared so let's share her with the internet.
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STEPH Collins

From Utah, United States at Age 26

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Stephanie mccullough ,,, she went to Utah give the dog to her friend to watch, thats when she …disappeared for a week i went dow as a surprise the next day, she keeped giving me the run around ,,, then called me so i picked her up took her to motel6 cuz our bus didnt leave till the morning thats when she said that she was drugged and raped and had me look at her pussy, that and her asshole where so swollon that I couldnt make out what I was looking at, and she didnt want to call the police or go to hospital, or let me handle it( which made me suspicious) and yet she still woke me by climbing on me and sticking in in her ass cuz her pussy hurt to bad, two years later, disappearing hrs here and there, when she runs off again, I decide to call him he says I’ve been watting for you to get ahold of me brother it ain’t like she told you I did not rape her we had a couple shots of tequila I went out of the room when I came back in she was laying there naked with his big pink ditdo, (I asked about hers after we returned to idaho and she said she didnt know) he tells me she was not even there all the time stoped in to shower alot cuz she was a free spirit (if you know what I mean) then he tells me the rest of the story it all fits very well i had given her a really nice gold ring with a diamond, she traded it that night 4 bag of dope and spent two days fucking anyone that showed up girls guys BOTH,gangbangs blind folded taking on anyone or thing that came over (yes dogs) , she had a fucking tip cup so she could stay high,, fuck fuck fuck im so devastated ,, she then told me it was rape, told her mom it was rape, told the hospital in Idaho Falls she was raped, told my parents it was rape, even her uncle she was raped, and in my heart I knew it it was a lie, but I loved so I had to believe her,.we came down again get a room get some drugs she runs off again tells me she’s gotta go get her clothes and stuff and the guys in church, come to find out the other when I was talking to him he was there guess what happened again right after we just spent 6 hours in a room not sleeping, and that, littlle whore, little slut lol liar or all of the above she treated me real bad and let her because I did not not want to be true, love RIGHT our whole two years together started on a foundation of lies.he sent me videos of that time period 3 of them 2 very graphic the other of her smoking a cigarette with her snatch , not rape NOT AT ALL , the onnly thing that got rapped was my soul,,, theres more videos THE FISTING IN OGDEN AND SOME BRUTAL SEX PLAY ON YOUTUBE AND XVIDEOS ALL FROM HER NON RAPPEST WHAT A LIE TO TELL , COULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME ONE KILLED
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Beth Hamilton

From Ohio, United States at Age 48

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If you want some good easy pussy buy her a few drinks and it's yours.she has a boyfriend but he's an …idiot.i fucked her in his house in his bed more than once.message her on fb!
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Rosemary Potter

From Staffordshire, United Kingdom at Age 50

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Whore with no heart

Arranges expensive trips away with a promise to pay a share and then backs out at the very last …minute (after days/weeks of fucking around) and elects that she isn't liable to pay the agreed share, leaving the other person with an overpriced and miserable trip. Decides to pick trivial arguments with people just a couple of hours after they've returned home from attending a parents funeral. Tells partners that she's 'moving on' to start a new relationship just hours after they have found out a parent in terminally ill.
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From Ohio, United States at Age 19

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Lying manipulative slut

cheating lying slut, likes it rough. can definitely ride a dick. after we broke up within a week she …was back with her abusive ex.
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From Berlin, Germany at Age 24

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My ex was a model

She was a model, but she was a liar!!
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