Lina Flores

From Texas, United States at Age 22

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Ex skank

This little skank hops from dick to dick in austin texas and in corpus. she uses guys including her …boytoys and boyfriends. cheater by definition.
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Paige Cannady

From Kansas, United States at Age 24

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Cheating slut

Watch out for this whore she goes around telling people she just broke up with her boyfriend and …then immediately tell you she loves you and wants to move in. She tell you she loves you because she is a real modern day gold digger.
233 votes

Crystal Gauna

From Colorado, United States at Age 34

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Bitch is in Avondale colorado, she loves married men!!

Good head, EASY TO GET, fucks you two to three times before finding someone else
216 votes

Partice Krymowska

From Lower Silesian , Poland at Age 40

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Patrice 40 Polish ex mature slut

Pati is clerk, and we had been having regular sex for couple months at her place. Tall 180cm, 7kg, …well educated blond slut.
90 votes

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