Karie Scroggs

From Ohio, United States at Age 29

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Selfish Drunk Pinup Slut

Man so much can be said about this chick. EVERYONE DONT NOT FEED INTO HER BULL SHIT SHE IS AN …ATTENTION SEEKER AND A TERRIBLE PERSON! She want you to feel sorry for her. I love this chick and am going to lose a year of my life over her because of how petty she is and how badly she wants people to feel bad for her. I am no saint but I am not a cheater or a user. I let this bitch beat the shit out of me thinking its just her Bipolar disorder she cant help herself. When I saw cheating messages in her phone and I was the one called the problem for going in her phone. BITCH MY PHONE WAS NEVER LOCKED AND I NEVER HID SHIT! Called me a cheater for having sex with someone while we were split up and used me to pay her rent, buy her food gas and weed, take care of her which I did because I AM A FOOL FOR DUMB THINGS LIKE LOVE! Had her ex of 10 years and this dude she fucked on the side message me and tell me about her history and I wish someone would have done the same for me before hand. She never had money to pay her bills but had money to go out and get trashed. She never had money to do anything and I paid for everything until there was something she wanted. Found her on Tinder before we broke up had to make a Tinder just to find her! I blew threw all my savings close to 10k in a year on this chick. Its sad because I was a fuckboy before her and didnt know how to treat women until I met her and knew she was just like me. I changed into a good honest dude thinking she was a good honest chick to find out after being abused by her for so long she never changed and never will until people stop feeding into her bull shit. I sent her a text saying I would kill her if she cheated on me again and she ran to the police and filed charges on me now I am going to jail for at least 6 months after losing my job because I got arrested. She stole my cat who is my best friend of all time. Fucking nasty dudes with little dicks in my bed with my blankets. It is a sad feeling to be in love with such a monster. I have a WHOLE company of people thinking I am going to shoot the place up. I dont fuck with guns nor would I shoot up innocent people if I went crazy enough to kill her. ITS ALL FOR ATTENTION SO SHE CAN HAVE AN EASY WAY AND AN EXCUSE OUT OF THIS! Talked to dudes threw out our whole relationship and I never not once did that to her. She needs to be stopped and I dont know if she ever will stop. Blames the guy who was obsessed with her and gave her anything she wanted even fucked myself over and didnt pay my bills to pay hers. Says I am the cheater for fucking someone while WE WERENT DATING! Bitch all the times you hid from me hanging out with vince when all you had to do was introduce him to me like wtf. That guy Mark you and Robyn went to his house and you fucked him BACK IN FEBRUARY and I knew about it but still stood by your side because I love you for the fuckboy user you are and not the sweet innocent chick you play everyone for. When you where working at the sex shop and we LITERALLY JUST STARTED DATING and you had a 3 way with a fat tattooed chick and her boyfriend Chrissy and Tim to have Chrissy work at my job and tell me all about it. HOW FUCKING DUMB ARE YOU DUDE YOUR SHIT WILL COME BACK TO BITE YOU IN THE ASS! Pushed me away saying she needed space....needed space to hook up with guys in our bed to give you weed and pay your way! I lost my 52k a year job, my savings close to 10k in a year, most of my friends who warned me but I was foolish, my home, my freedom all for loving this chick no matter what she did. You know when she beat the fuck out of me multiple times and I let her use Bipolar as an excuse I didnt run to the police. THATS A PETTY BITCH MOVE to do to the guy who gave you everything that you walked on. Sad thing is she couldnt even say anything to me in the end other than I am going to go nut on someother dudes dick. BITCH YOU ALREADY DID AND I DIDNT CARE I STILL LOVED YOUR DUMB ASS! I told her I wouldnt have done this and I would have been civil with her if she gave me my cat, paid me back the money she owed me, and gave me 10 minute closer convo. She will get hers when she keeps having to slut herself out to pay her bills because shes an alcoholic who blows all her money at the bar and dudes are dumb enough to fall for it when she puts those pretty eyes on you. It is such bull shit she lost the best thing that ever happened to her because even after this and knowing who she is now I still love her dumb ass. THATS STUPID AS FUCK! When I get my life back in order like I had before her stupid ass and she is still living in her one bed room box pay check to the bar with half my shit and my cat to remind her of me everyday I will have the last laugh. YOUR DADDY WILL HAVE A PRINCESS WHO ACTUALLY CARES ABOUT HIM! I can commemorate her for not trying to bash my dick though. Usually girls talk mad shit but I am an attractive dude with a big beard and a huge dick that I know how to use. She wont get fucked again like that ever which for me isnt even a real big thing I am a great fuck that shes going to miss. LOTS of good sexy chicks hit on me all the time I just dont slide my cock into every pussy I meet pussy is pussy. Love and companionship is a turn on for me. I am just a sucker for love and am not a whore. anyways be careful dudes the pussy isnt even worth it honesty its so blown out by all the shit she sticks up there not just real dicks but all the sex toys and veggies hell I even stuck my big toe up there once. seriously. I will be okay. I have a successful with a trade and good people there for me. I am only doing this to put her on blast for who she really is. A drunk user slut who would do anything for attention. DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HER YOU WILL END UP IN HER TRAP! Shes just lucky im only being half the asshole right now I mean I am about to do jail time for her shes lucky I didnt post any pics of her with the extra weight on she gained.
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Logan Adams

From California, United States at Age 21

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Tiny dick cheater

This 3inch dick guy cheated on me with my own sister, but now everyone can see him for how big he …really is lo
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Drew Todd

From Georgia, United States at Age 18

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Little dick cheater

Dudes a prick talks down to women and is a cheater. Cant even fuck good his dick is like 4 inches on …hard also is a liar.
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Ashley Lempik

From Colorado, United States at Age 21

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Fucking her Cousin

Thought things like this are just porn fantasies. Sadly not she fucked her step Cousin on a family …reunion. I didnt know till he sent me the Videos of her blowing him in my room while i was out with the dogs.
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Chandel Vandenburg

From New Hampshire, United States at Age 28

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Thieving,lieing,cunt ex gf

She stole, cheated, fucked my boys and then tried to get me locked up twice bitches pussy is loose …and she a hoe now she will suck your dick for 40.
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Ash Holt

From Oklahoma, United States at Age 25

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Lies,lies, and more lies

All she does is lie,she told me she was 27 more like early 20s if that, she said she had a kid well …one kid turns in to 4 she said she used to webcam, turns out she was a call girl while we were dating.
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Three Holes

From Queensland, Australia at Age 43

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3 hole slut ass to mouth

Clo the 3 hole slut ass to mouth and licks her shit off her fingers. Lying cheating and mind fucking …is her thing.
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