Paul Harrah

From California, United States at Age 35

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Tweaker whore

Beware of this con-man. He's a slammer and fucks anyone that looks twice at him. He will con you out …of money and is a horrible lay!
4,427 votes


From New York, United States at Age 23

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Dont let a big set of tits own you

"Ashely" her american name is a woman that you want to avoid. Sure she has a nice rack and lets you …take her in the ass but is it worth it to always be giving her money like a slot machine? I think not.
7,811 votes


From Wyoming, United States at Age 32

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Suck a cock at the drop of a rock

Sondra should have been a drug dog. She can ferret out a bag of meth and be hooked up with its owner …with astonishing speed. But I will say this the girl can fuck.
6,588 votes

Patricia Phillips

From Michigan, United States at Age 27

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She will let anyone hit it for a couch to sleep on

She's mentally retarded she receives SSI. She would take any drug available she prefers marijuana …and Xanax pills but she recently got hooked on Cocaine by her ex-boyfriend Kenny Slaughter who she put in prison. She was just dating Tommy Mack who lives in Schoolcraft with his father he's a heroin junkie who shoots needles. Now she's with Daniel Fagan a child molesting ex-convict and since 2016 she has probably slept with 60 people of all Races ages shapes and sizes. She's from Battle Creek Michigan right now her boyfriend is Daniel Fagan in Kentwood Michigan look her up on Facebook Patricia Phillips she usually has too much makeup on making herself look like a circus clown.
5,887 votes


From Aberdeen City, United Kingdom at Age 22

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Cheating ex

Was with this girl for 2 years until I found out she was fucking someone else for months. Karma is a …bitch
5,227 votes


From Quebec, Canada at Age 25

Mc  image #1
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Shes hot :)

She like cheat me ! She love big dick
4,105 votes


From Doncaster, United Kingdom at Age 30

Jane  image #1
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i was going out with her for 6 bitch but great fuck.......did dirty on me with pals …....twos up after party........still wanted to be together but i walked
3,926 votes

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