From Aberdeenshire, United Kingdom at Age 39

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Prick tease

this cheap whore sent me videos and pictures with the promise of sex that never came let me know …what you think of her
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Christina sanchez

From Texas, United States at Age 33

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Fat whore mom

This fat slut has 4 kids struggles 2 make rent and thought it be easey 2 ask her friend 2 help out …with ren but he brought 7 guys and put her on spot she ended up doing 7 men at the same time 2 save her house now she is known 4 forced gangbangs 2 keep her house what would u do or what do you think about her
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From New York, United States at Age 35

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The cheater

I was dating this beautiful girl until she dumped me. Then i find out she cheated on me with several …other guys while we were still dating. And i later find out that not only did she do it to me, but to several other guys as well. Then she messes with my friends calling them dirty names. Then says racist things about my current girlfriend. Good riddens.
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From Florida, United States at Age 20

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The woman I wish was mine

The woman I wish was mine. This beautiful woman right here has had my heart for a very long time. It …'s not my ex but a lover. We had sex one time but I've known her for a very long time... the reason why I'm posting these pictures because she was married and sending these pictures to me and other guys and having sex with other guys. The reason why I'm posting this is because she wouldn't be with me, she used me and thats why im doing this. so enjoy the pictures.
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From New Hampshire, United States at Age 25

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Not rich but really a broke scumbag

This guy asked me out on a few dates he asked me to pay for myself even tho he said he had a job but …really he's just a addict who meets girls from online and uses them for sex claiming he wants a relationship when he really just wants sex with random girls and who knows maybe he likes guys too but he's a broke ass addict who used me for sex then after he got what he wanted told me there's no connection and he's not looking for a relationship and said he was deleting my number and not to text him anymore after the day before that he was asking me out on a date that weekend!!! This guy is pond scum and will get his bad karma someday for doing a good woman wrong!!! Someday someone will use him for all he doesn't have!!
13,792 votes

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