From Massachusetts, United States at Age 25

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Waste of time

Wasted my time with endless texts and sweet talking. Always wanted to fuck me but never put in the …time. Lives in Lynn
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Dale Nata

From Queensland, Australia at Age 29

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Nudes of my ex bf

Met this guy when I was on holiday and had some fun. We stayed in contact for a while until I got …bored with him. We sent each other lots of nude, and sometimes kinky, pictures back and forth. I was able to get him to do some funny things and figured I would share some of them online. :)
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From New York, United States at Age 38

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Kitchen Catwalk

Michelle does a kitchen catwalk for you showing her ample tits and firm ass
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From Ohio, United States at Age 34

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Social butterfly aka whore

this walking talking bacterial infection is a pathological liar.and won slut of the year from pof 2 …years in a row..all you have to do is say heey. and chat her up and her crotch stained panties drop..if you have a one night stand with her you better head to the clinic and get tested..nasty piece of white trash.
2,946 votes


From Moscow City, Russia at Age 20

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Red-haired slut . Master throat blowjob

She loves to fuck other guys . Sometimes it gives in the ass for money. In bed, he loves being rude ….
2,941 votes

Katie Robinson

From Oregon, United States at Age 23

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Lying, Cheating, Whore

Where to start.... Fooled my homie byte lling him she was pregnant they got engaged and amonth …before the wedding he found out she was fucking 7 different guy's, he called her out on it and she turned it around accusing him of being the cheater, She then moved out while he was at work into a guys house she had been dating for 3 month's. Fast forword 4 months and she's back around saying theguy. Beat her up living back at my homies wanting to suck my cock and wipe my nut on his pillow. She's fucking foul I would touch her with Kyle Davis cock ( if you knew him you would understand). Bitch is something worse then nasty.
2,239 votes


From Michigan, United States at Age 22

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Little slut

this ex would fuck her work buddies and lie to me about working late. also had a "girls" night i …wasnt allowed to attend but other guys could.
3,361 votes

Hep c

From Arkansas, United States at Age 32

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Hep c

This girl is from the Bentonville area stay away she fucked my soon to be ex husband and he didn't …tell her he had hep-c
8,222 votes


From Ohio, United States at Age 34

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Lying weak stupid cum bucket

kellie is a bi polar slut who fucked a ton of guys off plenty of fish..and lied to her fiance about …it..she got stds twice and needed to go to the hospital..she lies so much it's useless to try and trust her..and she thinks she is better than everyone else
5,889 votes

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