Shelby Pitts

From Oregon, United States at Age 24

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This girl can suck dick like no other. tightest pussy I've ever fucked. can take a fist no prob.

This my ex shelby. She was down to fuck anytime anywhere. She loved Being choked, slapped, an hair …pulled. She could usually take a fist without working it in, but her pussy was still super tight.
367 votes

Megan Dowmhour

From Ohio, United States at Age 25

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Is a slut

She is a complete slut when I met this girl I got a hotel room and she was walking around in her …thong into front of my frineds
326 votes

Kimbery Pich

From Ohio, United States at Age 20

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She a slut

We was together for 4 years she played me and cheated on me with multiple friends and people around …the neighborhood
278 votes

Jenifer Foley

From Florida, United States at Age 37

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Nastiest skank in Walton County

Easiest lay ever. had her within two hours. Should have gave her longer. If shed have washed it …might have been better. Had to show her there was such a thing as feminine wash. Never has or will use condoms. Doesnt give head but expects it. Doesnt take it in the ass. Lays there like shes dead and think shes doing you a favor. These pics were her trying to be sexy. Could at least combed you hair skank. Worst lay Ive ever had. All you need is a six pack of the cheapest redneck beer and just say you like to go muddin and your in it within a hour. Trust me youd be better off beating off. Unless your into dirty, stinky, redneck, dead lays, with no chance of getting any head. Ever!!!
142 votes

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I fucked her in the Walmart parking out off mlk. She is a slut tell her she is pretty and she will suck your dick and let you cum in her.


It was fuck or get fucked.... oh well....


Wouldn't mind hitting that. Wonder what the daughter looks like?


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Fuck I would move to SC to have this girl licking my dick all the time.


Is that suppose to be "left hand pull"?

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