Peter Cook

From Mississippi, United States at Age 29

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Pus Nuts No Peter

Idk WTF say bout Dis nigga. He be callin hisself a pimp. Dis nigga a in da closet homo. He be sayin …he a Gangsta Lord. I'm like WTF a Gangsta Lord. Nigga gone say he half Gangsta & half Vice Lord. Mf need lay off dat meth tbh. Say he layin pipe to da women. He talkin bout da crack r meth pipes bc his scrawny ass not layin no dick pipe less he countin Dem dicks he be touchin Dem toes for. Thank God I didn't fuck dis nigga. Be thinkin he got da crabs r sum fuckin std. Nigga got Dem clothes off & his nuts be all scaly. I mean dis nigga had athlete feet of da nuts r sumthang yo. Den he turn round & nigga ass be resemblin Rocky Balboa after dat beat down. Expectin dat ass to fart out da word Adrian. Nasty mf I tell u. Str8 up nasty nigga
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Dawn Salvatore

From Johor, Malaysia at Age 20

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Dawn Salvatore

Here are some Pictures of my ex Dawn Salvatore. Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures as …most of them where taken on an old Nokia phone and she was not going to let me take any with her face so I have added a few none nude ones. Anyway Dawn was 20 at the time and living in Johor Bahru, south Malaysia where I met her and started dating. She is half Japanese and half Chinese and was deaf but used hearing aids but as you can see an extremely beautiful girl and I consider myself very lucky to have had time with her. She was a full on Christion girl and was completely untouched before I got my hands on her, lucky for me she was incredibly submissive and hence why I was able to have sex with her, and I can say hand on heart that the experience would one I will never forget. She had the perfect body, slender and pale skin with her long, black Asian her just covering her pink nipples which were lovely. However by far the best thing was her Pussy, it was out of this world and I know I will never experience a pussy like hers again. Yes it was extremely tight and gripped my cock like it was being strangled, I had to take it out so many times just so I would cum so quickly but that was not the best thing, her pussy was soaking wet, like nothing I have had before and I have fucked loads of nice Asian pussy, but this one was dripping! Not only that but once when she was on top ( for the first time ) her pussy just pissed out pussy juice when my cock was still inside her and she wasn’t cuming. The other thing I loved about her pussy was the queefs, when doing doggy style her pussy would make small queefs as my dick was thrusting in her and once I pulled it out and put it back in again a larger queef would be made every time which just made me so turned on. She made me cum with ease everything and even in the middle of the night when she was sleeping I could just glide my cock in her pussy as it was wet all the time. I only had a short time with her which was a shame as I think about her a lot. However her family didn’t like me as I was a white guy and they hated the idea of her being with me long time. Anyway the pictures are of a very low quality but I hold some of you will enjoy.
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From Idaho, United States at Age 24

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This slut

She dated my former friend then sent me pics when she was using heroine and meth. Smoking body …though
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From Oklahoma, United States at Age 38

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Words with friends freak

Started playing this guy in words with friends. He told me he was watching his neighbor's bird while …she was gone. He made me laugh telling me how he tripped over a high heel there. Somehow he twisted the conversation to him trying them on. This led to trying on more of her clothes. I wanted pics and he was more than happy to send. I was having so much fun, until another girl on words told me he did the same story to her a couple of months before. Figured if he wanted people to see then i would help him.
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From California, United States at Age 45

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My ex Kayla

I dated Kayla for over 5 years, then she left me for a younger guy
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Polish whore !!!

From Kerry, Ireland at Age 42

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Found these on my boyfriends phone

This bitch keeps chasing men who are not hers she sends naked pictures to Everyman who shows her …attention ...whore can not be faithful to her own man and acts like she does nothing wrong ... you want to show your ass to everyone well here you go whore ...
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From Texas, United States at Age 41

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Habitual cheater

Best blow job ive ever gotten and a nasty freak in bed. Pussy is huge but the best ive ever had!
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