Kirsten eastman

From Tennessee, United States at Age 23

Kirsten eastman  image #1
Kirsten eastman  image #2 |

Unfaithful hoe

Was a great father pretty damn good husband had my flaws like all men do once again cheated for no …reason cause the problems within her own head had 3 kids together just bought a house ruined it all
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From Mississippi, United States at Age 33

Clorinda  image #1
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Religious Girl Who Loves to Fuck

This girl has the most amazing snapping pussy you'll ever experience. Nothing like cumming balls …deep inside her while burying your face in her big chest. Used to go over and screw her a few times a week when her husband was at work and her kids were at school.
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From Florida, United States at Age 22

Kadejah  image #1
Kadejah  image #2 | Kadejah  image #3 | Kadejah  image #4 |

Best Friend and Manager to Side Hoe

So Kadejah was or is my wife's boss. After sleeping over to get away from her husband who was " …abusive" I find these in my wife's phone. Smh trust no one.
4,798 votes

Queen of gold digging

From Colorado, United States at Age 54

Queen of gold digging  image #1
Queen of gold digging  image #2 | Queen of gold digging  image #3 |

Buyer beware!!!!!!

This has to be the most planned out rip off I have ever seen. Sex galore as long as you are buying …her something or paying her bills, support her and her kids, she has a champagne taste and a glass of water pocket book but will do her best to drain yours. Look up up the definition of whore, takes things to better themselves. This is her
5,539 votes

Ninwa Khoshaba

From California, United States at Age 43

Ninwa Khoshaba  image #1
Ninwa Khoshaba  image #2 |

Coca-Cola CUM dumpster

Sherman Oaks, CA. Super dirty and loves to fuck! Anal is her favorite but sucking, gobbling and …swallowing are her specialty. Be sure to wear a condom with her or else your pee will burn... Bad! And lastly she prefers plastic sheets when you bed her down so be prepared to get creative and very wet.
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From Nebraska, United States at Age 32

Amanda  image #1
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Lambrect whore , daddy's little girl

she's a lying cheating no-good Sivan bitch who lost her kids and think she's going to get him back …while doing meth and Other Drugs and doesn't deserve to be a mother she recently left a man that love her to death and was dying of cancer and she fucked his life over and used him to the fullest to get what she wanted to be with some other guy that's bisexual she has no self-respect she committed numerous felonies in two months time and trying to blame it on the guy who's dying including Robert her own boss of burglary she deserves nothing but heartache and pain for the rest of her life for the way she's treated even though she'll turn around and look you right in the eyes and lied to your face telling you she's so sweet and she's a good person deep down inside I was just doing a sizing you up to figure out how to hurt you and fuck your life over she's nothing but a walking piece of shit she blew her her own fucking car and turned around and blamed it on her ex-boyfriend again who is dying of cancer just to fuck him hurt him everything she does to people is just out of hurt she has a lot of daddy issues and probably misses his prick
7,177 votes


From Virginia, United States at Age 23

Carolyn  image #1
Carolyn  image #2 | Carolyn  image #3 | Carolyn  image #4 |

AsIan ex girlfriend

Went to school with her in Virginia and we dated while she had a bf and these are some of the pics …that she sent me
6,812 votes

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