From Texas, United States at Age 28

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Cheating, selfie little cum dumpster.

Have this girl everything she wanted all while she was getting it from a few other guys. Pretty …good player, watch out.
2,663 votes

Whitney Campbell

From Arkansas, United States at Age 30

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Cop Calling Dope Whore

Absolute queen of the double life. Complete angel to outside public, but total dope fiend around …those closest to her. This bitch will lie and manipulate anyone and anything she can to get her next bump, as long as it's quiet from her public persona. Whatever you do, don't cut her off though. Girl has called cops 3 times at least feeding them a bunch of BS about dudes beating on her, just cause she didn't get her way. Great pussy, but definitely not worth catching bullshit charges and having to stay on top of the lies and drama. Proceed w/CAUTION!!!!!
3,188 votes

Jessica Megeg Faimau

From Yap, Micronesia at Age 38

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Great whore, bad liar

Facebook whore and a cheating ex-wife. Used own kids name to open online profiles to disguise …herself. Never trust this whore.
3,012 votes


From Ontario, Canada at Age 26

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Big titties ;)

Just a nice pair of tits on my ex!
2,141 votes

Cassie alleman

From Minnesota, United States at Age 29

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Babysitter whore

She lives with her boyfriend and kids but still goes out dating and talking to other men. Pretty …much a swinger.
2,350 votes

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