From Aragon, Spain at Age 51

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Isabel, una zorra casada maƱa

Hi, my name is Frank and this is Isabel, the wife of a friend of mine. Not long ago I met them out …there one night and decided to stay together. In one of the premises I took her to dance and as I approached immediately I realized that the sow was going to march and needed to be given a cane. You understand me, hehe. At a time when her husband went to the bathroom to piss, she let me shove her hands and we exchanged our phones and two days later I was fucking her at her house on the living room table, hahaha. I fucked her well fucked everywhere I still do today. It's so slutty, when you want to get in touch, send me sexy photos like these that I'll see what you think.
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Stephanie Fuller

From Illinois, United States at Age 25

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You call her Stephanie I call her Heffinie

Girl I use to bang, just thought I'd put these out for the public. Only because I'm a real dick lol.
3,215 votes

Nessa Souza

From Sultan Kudarat, Philippines at Age 26

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Sexting slut

I was sexting to this slut and told me she is engaged. Waiting for the bastard to fly back home for …the wedding day. Always thinking and wanting my dick and typical LBFM addicted to cocks. Good while it lasted.
2,321 votes

Travis Morgan

From Iowa, United States at Age 32

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Mom fucker

i asked my mom if i could use her phone and she got a few text messages so i checked them they were …from my husband
2,694 votes


From Texas, United States at Age 25

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Such a smokin body!! - Her pussy is tight but her asshole is TIGHT, everyone cums within 30seconds

This is her riding my friends 9.5" thick cock and the rest are of her and random shit
3,815 votes

Barbie Cozby

From Louisiana, United States at Age 47

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Whore of Anacoco, Louisiana

Barbara/Barbie Joan Cozby is the hugest whore to come out of Anacoco/Leesville area. Barbie is pure …evil. It's all about how many different DICKS she can get and how much money/drugs she can get from them. Barbie is a cheater and user BIG TIME. Barbie has put her three ex husbands in huge financial debt. Screwed around on them, ex boyfriends and fiance's. Had her son and daughter taken away by ex husbands due to extreme mental, physical and unsanitary abuse. Has untold amounts of men who text her nude pics of them selves and call her. She'll try reverse psychology, tell you not to be jealous, there just friends. There in actuality her FUCK BUDDIES. Barbie trust to come off as a lady, nope Barbie is a true whore. Barbie fucked no less than three men while with me for six months. Kenneth Lawson, Jason Shields and son idiot named Mark FROM in Alexandria. Have nude pic of Barbie's boobs that she Facebook messaged to Jason. Shields, a married pie faced bald fat fuck fireman, to prove it. Barbie loves to fuck, especially after popping pills or doing meth.
2,220 votes

James Sorenson

From Florida, United States at Age 20

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Lier and cheater

I met this guy James months ago and he lied to me saying that he hasn't hooked up with a lot of …girls and he couldn't get girls. But..the other day I saw all his emails about him on the way to meet girls. Read text off his phone to girls when he dint know. And found an email with him and another guy planning to have sex! He sent me a nude pic. I'm pregnant with his baby. Ladies he's a no good player! Stay away! He's sick!
1,742 votes

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