From Nevada, United States at Age 24

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Chrisitne  image #2 | Chrisitne  image #3 | Chrisitne  image #4 |

Asian slut

met her at a nail saloon turn to be a lil slut that like sleep around took 6 months to find out
3,502 votes


From Arkansas, United States at Age 20

Layna  image #1
Layna  image #2 | Layna  image #3 | Layna  image #4 |

Slut of an ex gf

She likes to go behind your back and talk to and fuck other dudes while in a relationship
9,714 votes


From Murcia, Spain at Age 36

Natalie  image #1
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Dirty slut loving to send pics to entice for sex

Natalie sent me naughty pics over the phone, asking if I wanted to meet for sex, I found out the …dirty bitch runs a website I must be mad not to have met her and fucked her, but she wanted to film me fucking her. Would you? well, look at her, she is bloody lovely!
6,981 votes

Joshua Galarza

From Connecticut, United States at Age 24

Joshua Galarza  image #1
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Such a Douche and a cheater!!

I can't stand this dude! sleeps around even when he's taken! Doesn't ever tell anyone he's taken …until AFTER he messes around!
5,369 votes

George smith

From South Carolina, United States at Age 26

George smith  image #1
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Sucks on dick.... does it real good

Met this dude on craigslist. He's a straight boy gonna gay over my black dick. You know what they …says once you go black you don't go back. Never take face pictures guys.
8,591 votes


From Quebec, Canada at Age 25

Mc  image #1
Mc  image #2 | Mc  image #3 | Mc  image #4 |

My ex blond sexy

She like cheat me :)
7,991 votes

Cheyeanne Volcheck

From Nebraska, United States at Age 24

Cheyeanne Volcheck  image #1
Cheyeanne Volcheck  image #2 |

Back stabbing nebraska bitch

Dated this girl for a yr and known her for four cause she was my sisters best friend. Had to kick …her out cause i was fighting the system to get my kid back so i sent her to sioux falls sd where she is know. Get a call this wkend saying shes been sleeping with some random dude and his brother that its over between us. So spread this slut like a virus cause she was just a waste of time
5,108 votes

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