From Georgia, United States at Age 37

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Jessica skinny ebony loves white cokes and fingers

A little slut hungry for mostly White cokes
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From Oklahoma, United States at Age 24

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My White Trash BabysMama Ashley

She fucks anyone she can that will buy her a meal or some dope to smoke..bitch will suck her own …brothers dick on camera if she's high enough!...her pussys worthless and hangs out her pantys when she walks,and her trashy slut face and mouth smells like cum and cock..loved degrading this human garbage dump in all her holes with my friends at partys!
2,216 votes


From London, United Kingdom at Age 20

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Ass tits face

This bitch showed the breast and the pussy to the world
2,327 votes


From British Columbia, Canada at Age 43

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Esquimalt plump hoochie

Hiya Casey: Say hello to Tanya Muray. So I stole this little plumper from her ex. They got …divorced and I got the porn lol. She works at the military base and really gets around. I was banging her and a couple of her friends. Bitch was done for the dirtiest stuff. Three ways, ATM, anything at all. I ditched her after awhile but she gave some good head.
2,211 votes

Casey Jordan

From New Jersey, United States at Age 27

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Use to mess with her back in H.S. Very easy esp drunk..had a ton of pics and vids but I lost them. …Also loves givin head and facials. Someone should of nudes somewhere! Wanna be model also. Share if you no her or got stories of ur own.
2,263 votes


From Florida, United States at Age 18

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Big ass bigger waste of time

Bitch was friends with me for years and gave me the world's longest case of blue balls. Hot as fuck …and has the fattest ass for a white girl and nice tits. Never put out for me but would send nudes and would fuck any fuckboy that messages her that she thinks is hot. Just got pregnant too haha whore. .
4,149 votes


From Illinois, United States at Age 20

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Slut ass hoe who wants white cock

A dirty slut who sends pics and vids of whatever you want. She loves to deepthroat and gag on cocks …. Typical wanna be white girl slut. Easy. As. Fuck.
7,080 votes

Manda roller

From Texas, United States at Age 34

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Manda the meth smoking cock sucking cheating thievin whore

This chick was a freak when we hooked up. Little did I know she was a meth addict who would fuck …anybody anytime anywhere. When I found out I booted her and she just got worse and worse on dope. Last I saw she was with a homless bum and not doing so good.
6,022 votes

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