From Ohio, United States at Age 30

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6 years and she's just another cheating whore

We were together for 6 years and all of a sudden she decides to move out like she needed her space …but then I find out she was with another man for who knows how long. I am so heart broken she did this to me but it's whatever I guess
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From North Carolina, United States at Age 26

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He sent me pics of his new bitch...

My ex bf tried to make me jealous by sending me pics of some girl he was fucking... but what he …forgot was that in order for me to be jealous... 1. She needs to prettier than me.. and 2. I'd actually have to give 2 fucks about to care.
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From Bayern, Germany at Age 24

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Natalie Wimmer

Natalie was a very good bitch. her pussy always farts when she get that dick doggystyle. love that …sound also a very nice ass with big white cheeks. great slut
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From Michigan, United States at Age 23

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Guys a player. Flirted with my by text several times and then ditched me and married some rude woman …. Nice cock tho
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Liz york

From Maryland, United States at Age 22

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Biggest whore you'll ever meet

She cheated multiple times sucked all my friends Dick's and was just a true whore
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Reina mounce

From Belize, Belize at Age 25

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She a hoe. And liar

This bitch a how and liar and will fuck for anything you give her. It was a easy piece of pussy. …Enjoy
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