Monique Thomas

From New York, United States at Age 35

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Crack Whore

She will suck and fuck anyone for drugs. She has 5 kids with 5 diff ppl. She stays up for days at a …time smoking crack with her bestfriend Linda Thompson. Shes let her family take one of her kids, THANK GOD. Its days and weeks at a time when she is no where to be found. Loves attention....and CRACK!!!
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Johnny Sawicki

From British Columbia, Canada at Age 23

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23 Year Old Virgin

Hiya Casey: I met this guy on a dating app. He was kinda cute and had a nice truck. I decided to …give him a try after he was telling me how his old man was giving him a business worth like 5 million dollars. We went out. He was so nervous couldn't even talk. Total lack of social skills. I really wasn't into him but I kept thinking about all that cash his dad was giving him. We ended up parking at this dump company he works at. He tried kissing me but you could tell he didn't know what he was doing. I asked him why he was so nervous. He told me he was a virgin lol. The date ended there for me. He kept messaging me for a couple more days. Even sent pics of his dick lol and offered to have a fully interactive MMF Threesome with me. Guess he has a little more experience with boys than with girls. Even 5 million bucks aint enough to pretend to like a loser like him.
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From Baden-wurttemberg, Germany at Age 28

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She loves to suck cocks

I met her at a show in Berlin after a few drinks we went back to my hotel and I fucked her all night …long but I Love Her tight little pussy especially when she was screaming for more... Very nice vacation
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Kat Sanders

From Arizona, United States at Age 39

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Flat chested internet slut

come across this woman online and started talking to her all she wanted to do was send me nudes and …talk about how much she wanted to have sex with me. All at the same time she had another man.
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From Calabria, Italy at Age 26

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Look at this one

Told me he loves for people to see him naked
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From Blackpool, United Kingdom at Age 22

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My Ex

Dated this bitch and found out she was sleeping with other men and women
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From Colorado, United States at Age 25

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HHD hack Purple Asian pussy and some nice titts.

It seems some dudes ex or something. This is an older drive I found. There is a lot of nice pix in …here ;) I might be uploading I bet this chick was a great fuck, pretty pussy/Pretty titts but pussy looks a little purple like she had a lot of black dick :D I would put it in her ass its probably thighter anyway.
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Lina Trujillo

From Florida, United States at Age 32

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Loves older men for money

she would always see other older men and pay me stuff with the money they would give her
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Kendra arnold

From Missouri, United States at Age 26

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My personal whore with her prostitute pussy

my baby momma loves when I turn her pussy out 24/7 and treat her like the whore prostitute she know …she loves being, she posted in Columbia Missouri, n o yea she especially fuck proudly when turnt up on dope she loves fat shots, then let's me post her for men while I treat her like a dirty whore that love being my personal prostitute. Even fucks me better when I pay her to use her pussy on me she loves filling all her holes she just a bitch I help turn her pussy out now she loves being my prostitute all she cares about is getting fuck but o well idc who she fucks as long she enjoys her whore pussy being pounded out that's what she likes to do . Give her a fat shot n she will b what ever u need her to b
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