From New Jersey, United States at Age 27

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After I found out he voted for Trump we drifted apart. I dumped his ass on New Years! Hope any new …girl he meets sees this InCase he try's to deny he's a republican
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Holly-Jade Bowes

From Leicestershire, United Kingdom at Age 22

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Holly loves two cocks

I met up with Holly and her boyfriend Alex in a Wembley hotel room, we made videos and took …pictures. She loved it and wanted to meet me when Alex wasn't there, but then got cold feet and cancelled.
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Candace Emery

From Iowa, United States at Age 23

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Lier and Cheater

She acts all innocent and attempts to play the victim. Will hold up appearances for the first row or …three months, but then in will roll the endless stream of other men and women while you are at work or school. She has 4 children, 3 of which came from sexual relations out side of her actual relationship. Two of which she tried to entrap other guys as the fathers and refuse to tell the real fathers of their existence. Claimed that she never slept with anyone else, till the DNA test came back proving otherwise. Refuses to get a job or do anything other than sit on her ass and play facebook style games, claiming that it's too much work to clean up after herself. Other people, including some of her family members, are taking care of her kids for her. Constantly living about her ex husband and his circumstances, actually a good guy and have seen papers providing actual reason for him leaving the military (had to deal with her neglecting his child and adoptive child, since she cheated during their engagement and he forgave her)
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From Pays De La Loire, France at Age 47

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Once a whore always a whore

Rescued from the streets of Paris, after 15 years of marriage the whore returned. Isabelle will fuck …and suck any male, female or group that gives her money, treats or favours but she loves BBCs and young blonde sluts
7,994 votes

Christy Cawthorne

From Virginia, United States at Age 42

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Nasty Bitch

This BITCH is money hungry. She tried her best to get my money but I was to smart for her dumb ass. …Payback is a bitch... she thinks she's a player
8,183 votes

Sue hairy pussy

From New York, United States at Age 55

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Loves to display her pussy

She loves to go to nude beaches to show off her pussy. While we are there, I will "massage" her legs …while she lies on her stomach. I pull her legs apart and show everyone her ass hole and the opening into her pussy. It is fun! I get so hard showing her off. At the regular beach, I undo her top and pull the bottom of her suit over so she does not get tan lines. All who want, can look at her pussy! Enjoy the pics!
7,771 votes

Abby Lewellen

From Indiana, United States at Age 22

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Nasty thieving whore

This bitch will suck and fuck anyone for a shot, or couple xanax.. She be sucking your dick and got …her hand in your wallet..
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From Granada, Nicaragua at Age 42

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My lil nica whore

she crossed the border fucking everyone she could to become legal. thats how i met her
7,224 votes

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