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MY EX ID # 12574
Added Jan 22, 2014

Amanda Shoop

23 years old in Indiana, Pennsylvania


Anonymous 12574 says: This girl is a poser, Claiming she is a country chick but is far from it. We have had a few encounters. 1st time around she cheated on me and i caught her at my job with another dude. she didnt think id be working were i was that night. Then she came back a few years later balling her eues out crying that she fucked up cause she was young and scared cause she was falling to fast for me. so i have her another shot. paid bills cell, and doc, and also bought her a ton of shit. then she all of a sudden quit talking to me and textin me. after i gave her a liit that id spend. after splitting i found out she has since went gay or so she claims but i have seen her out and about with her women who was 50 and she acted so ashamed to be around her so i doubt she knows who or what she is. she also claims to be extrememly religious and wanted to wait for sex. but wouldnt even help with nude pics cause she said those would lead to sex

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  1. Adam says:

    Not a poser shes a player…your the game

  2. Disqus11111 says:

    No one blames her for blowing you off.

  3. EASY says:

    yes……………revenge…..THIS SITE IS NOT A SHOULDER TO CRY ON!!

  4. topdog says:

    fuck off fucktard!

  5. me! says:

    You got fucking played. First time she cheated on you, sure, I feel bad. Then you take her back? What the hell is wrong with you? You were paying for things for her, and she wasn’t even sleeping with you? I’m not saying you should treat girls like prostitutes, but if she isn’t sleeping with you, but cheats on you and fucks other guys, and you STILL give her money, you are a fucking loser.

  6. My_thoughts says:

    I cant say weather or ot she was fucking the other dude i caught her with the first time. all i know is she was walking around with another dude. they werent holding hands but when she saw me she burried her head in the sand. and ike i said she was young 19 just outta hs we meet in college. when she came back a few years later balling and boohooing about being young and shit i though hay maybe a few years would have taught her something so i gave her a 2nd chance. and as far as not fucking, her story was believeable. she attended church and i went with her a few times. and she was always doing abstinence talks at her church so it seemed plausible that she truely did wanna wait

  7. justin says:

    Justin @butler trash

  8. Ralph says:

    Dude, you have problems. Mental issues.

    If she won’t fuck you then that is too bad for you. Offer her some money. Promise her you will never post her picture(s) on a revenge porn site. Do whatever it takes to show her you aren’t a fucking asshole.

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