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MY EX ID # 10263
Added Dec 12, 2013

Katelyn "Herp Derp" Kovacs

21 years old in Irwin, Pennsylvania

"kate is not so great"

Anonymous 10263 says: This is just a heads up to anyone who hasnt heard of or know of this girl.She has a confirmed case of herpes she has infected at least two people.She can be found at local bars drinking and trying to get on everything with a penis.She will LIE and say she doesnt have anything but that is complete bullshit.She works at the local Dennys stop in for a herpes hamburger.Anyone from the area already knows how much this girl gets around and personally i dont know how.She has nothing going for her body,personality,or intelligence.She will sleep with you all you need is some alcohol but wrap it up tight or you will get her gift that keeps giving.Honestly she is NOT worth the condom, she will just lay there on her back like a dead fish and get fucked she also loves when guys cum in her hence why she is known as a cum dumpster around these parts.


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  1. jake says:

    Thats a really small dick in that vid lol

  2. wackity says:

    Jesus Christ, that thing in the vid is like a real dick, only much smaller

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