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Added Oct 28, 2013

Karla Martell

21 years old in San Luis Potosi, Mexico

"Karla Martell"

Anonymous 7766 says: Ella es mi ex karla, ella es un zorra me engao cuando andabamos y esta es mi venganza.


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  1. Shauna Thehero cock whore Rettig says:

    I just want to let everyone know my name is Shauna Rettig. I am a whore with several stds. I just had a child named Oliver Rettig. He is a retard because I did drugs while pregnant. No really full fledged little retard. I have no idea who the childs father is. Can someone call the maury show because I am a fucking whore and there is like 15 potential fathers. Oh and I was married and got knocked up with the little retard by having several affairs while my husband WAS AT WAR

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