From Missouri, United States at Age 35

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"This fake slut wants to be famous, so heres your chance"

Gotta be the biggest fake Ive ever known in my entire life,, the 1 thing that isnt fake about her is …shes a real dirty whore.... She fucked a coworker that she was a manager over, was fucking multiple guys and hiding it from all, and took on 2 younger guys at the same time.... She tries too act like shes a class act but I know the truth behind this fake!
26 votes


From Colorado, United States at Age 33

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Slut hairstylist

Thinks and tells everyone she is sweet and innocent. She doesnt wear panties to work so when she …cuts guys hair they can see her ass through her thing skirt or tights for a bigger tip. She has even rubbed her pussy on guys hands while cutting their hair before. She cums easily and likes to be choked and slapped while being fucked. Will take it in the ass once in a while. She had an abortion when she was 16.
39 votes


From Centre, France at Age 30

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Salope offerte

Slut who loves to film and photograph when she fucks, she thinks her boyfriend then the fade. Tits, …shaved pussy bitch face, this bitch deserves to be exhibited. Recognizable by his collar in the shape of heart, his ring or his watch. Welcome to this new Webslut!
47 votes


From Indiana, United States at Age 39

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Nasty slut

This bitch uses people just go get what she wants. will fuck anyone for alcohol and money
26 votes


From Michigan, United States at Age 34

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KLK-you fucking whore

this divorced bottom feeding trash bag hoe is on all the dating sites..pof..zoosk..etc she has no …morals.lies about everything.fucks anyone on the first date then ask for you to pay her bills or give her money.if you don't do what she wants your done and she moves on to the next sucker.she thinks she is hott and all that at 34 yrs old with 3 kids..what a joke .she is just a pof hooker.
39 votes

Fiona Doyle

From Glasgow City, United Kingdom at Age 34

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Was in a long distance relationship - Engaged for two years, going out for 5. -- Breaks it off with …no explanation.
54 votes

Ruby Chen

From California, United States at Age 24

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Chinese girl that likes white

Ruby is your average chinese girl, slim figure, bad english and loves white guys. Met her at San …Francisco State Uni and been dating her for 2 years but then got bored.
41 votes

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