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Combs Laurel
Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky
Age: 45

I am a lying ass cheatin,whore that uses men for whatever I can get out of them!

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Lisa Swanson
Location: Cleburne, Texas
Age: 43

She likes have it in her

La putita de Cris

Ana Cristina Paz
Location: Las Aguilas, Mexico
Age: 23

Ana Cristina , estudiante de la unam, le encanta una buena verga que le reviente la panocha o el culo, o que le rellene el osciquito con una buena venida de lechita caliente, tiene la fama y pinta de ser seriecita pero es una puta de primera

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Menaz Ghafoor
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Age: 30

I hooked up with this bitch thru tinder . she was propa dirty loves hard fast sex and sucking cock and swallowing.rnI didnt know but she was also hooking up with others.rnA couple of my friends did her found out laterrnshe loves making vids and sending pics off herself playing with dildos and fingering her pussy then licking it rnAlso major thing didnt say she was married! fukin husband found out and threatened me on top of that got a std off herrnonly bonus was she paid for hotels rneasy to hook up slut wants attention and then bugs you all night on text and whatsapp

Hoe named Filly

Filadelfia Vargas
Location: Compton, California
Age: 30

a tmobile hoe from compton named Filly. This bitch bad but been around the block too many times.

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John Echo
Location: Bath, Michigan
Age: 25

I met this guy a while back and we became good friends, but i cant stand him anymore he only talks about hips lf, he cuts and chokes himself and is constantly depressed.

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Molly Kanagy
Location: Arlington, Georgia
Age: 22

Meet her on meet me ..just a bitch in the end ..

mY eX

Amanda Shope
Location: West Chester, Ohio
Age: 37

This is just a video. it wouldnt upload with the pictures

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Olivia Scott
Location: Claireville, Canada
Age: 21

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Craigslist chick

Lorraine Kraus
Location: Plaistow, New Hampshire
Age: 25

She was on Craigslist and wanted to fuck and was on the rag and I was down then asked for her number and she wanted me to go on some site and sight up for something no thank buy thanks for the pic