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Ashely Koale
Location: Argyle, Florida
Age: 22

girl i use to fuck 2 years ago, had the nicest white booty

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Corie Freshour
Location: Nelsonville, Ohio
Age: 23

This girl has a few screws loose. Shes a habitual liar who genuinely believes her own lies. Dated her for a while and she denies the whole thing ever happened. After first date she said she wanted to wait to have sex, took her home that night and she was all over me. Always sends out nudes, even behind her current boyfriends back. Be warned, guys, while she may be a decent lay, shes desperate for a baby and shell probably make up some story about how you abused her.

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Alexandria Simpson
Location: Clovis, New Mexico
Age: 25

Found her cheating with the neighborhood.

Baby mom

Jennifer Vasques
Location: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Age: 24

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When you are with a slut...

Joy Karmelingo
Location: Santa Clarita, California
Age: 27

Its a helluva thing to find a sex tape on your girls computer featuring her and some other guy. Sluts be slutty.

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Candice Bev
Location: Amiens, France
Age: 18

Vidos de Candice une chienne qui adore ce faire baiser

Years Of Swinging With Others!

Mary Hagens
Location: Houston, Texas
Age: 54

She met a guy at work years ago him and his wife got her into the swinging lifestyle which I knew nothing about. Over the course of years she has met, and taped, many of her meetings with a lot of different friends of hers. She has used swinging profiles for years to meet new people. I have found many of the filmspictures. Im sure there are many Ive missed, but I plan to keep looking.


Josh Zeiger
Location: Oak Park, Michigan
Age: 25


Believe her

Loretta Mora
Location: Bakersfield, California
Age: 32

Shes married and had me fooled she wasnt then when i break it off because shes married she lies and says the are divorcing so i still around its now a year later and they just bought a house together she was still fucking me up until a few months ago. She also tried having me move in with her and her husband by lying to this poor dude saying i was her cousin.

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Matthias Hill
Location: Vienenburg, Germany
Age: 20

He has a good body