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Holly Jacobs the Professor of Pornography

Holly Jacobs
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Age: 30

mate sent me this pictures of one of his teachers. he said that one of the students in the class got into her email and found these that she had sent to a few guys.

Dumb bitch.

Rosie Davis
Location: Keller, Texas
Age: 42

Rosie is a dumb bitch. Two faced and a lier. Not to be trusted.

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Elie Brug
Location: Jette, Belgium
Age: 21

me and my phone p

Babies R Us Slut And Nymphomaniac

Christina Vasquez
Location: Bakersfield, California
Age: 20

Her name is Christina she seems like an innocent girk and has a nice job working at Babies R Us but she is a sex freak and trust me she only fucks guys for the money.

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Chrisna Gous
Location: Klerksdorp, South Africa
Age: 36

My girl allways want me tot take pics of her naked,then she show it to other guys on her chats,she even take pics of her self naked and send it to guys,I caugt her by checking her phone! Even caught her at a guys house where she went to give him n bj!well now everybody can see her naked pics!

46 yr old THOT....Very easy !!!

Andrika Williams
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 46

Sending videos to another man and you thought I was going to sit back and say nothing..........FUCK YOU !!!!


Charli Vasso
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 26

Baby mom n her friends

She complains she wants a seroius relationship but won't stop cheeting.

Thanh Nquen
Location: Santee, California
Age: 25

She is just a gold digging, bad attitude, sleep, around, high maintenance butch. Oh yeah and she lies a lot too, nice can though for sure,

married just to get in this country

Arlyn Mallo
Location: Fulton, New York
Age: 32

spend the whole night out while I stay home watching her daughter blame me for things just so she can get out of the marriage after she become a legal USA citizen

pay back samantha

Sam Holiday
Location: Waitakere, New Zealand
Age: 35

She fuck me and our kids over pay backs feel good lol