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Marta Sproles
Location: Port Allen, Louisiana
Age: 26

Dated this girl for nearly 2 years, and then she tells me shes still married. Come to find out she was fucking me, her husband, a friend from Texas, a wanna be rockstar and his band mates, and god knows who else. Unfortunately for her she used to send me a lot of videos, and I saved most of them

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Brittany Thompson
Location: Cecilton, Maryland
Age: 23

I was with this slut for about 5 years she is a cheating worthless slut she was so boring with sex she hate being tied up and dressing up but Id make her do it a lot of the times shed cry and a lot of the times shed tell me not to take pictures or videos so Id just tie her up and blindfold her shes such a stupid slut lmfao Id fuck her in her pussy with my dick and her dildo at the same time fist her and fuck her pussy with my dick and a dildo in her ass I humiliating, degrading and exposing her like the slut that she is hope that you all enjoy

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Maddie Swanson
Location: Chapletown, United Kingdom
Age: 19

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Stefanie Assuncao
Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Age: 26

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Tasha Storey
Location: Norwich, United Kingdom
Age: 22

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Nancy Aldana
Location: Colton, California
Age: 30

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Sarah Tallis
Location: Jacksonville, Florida
Age: 28


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Nelda Lopez
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Age: 32

Met here in Mexico a while back. Just wanted to share.

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Brittney Snyder
Location: West Frankfort, Illinois
Age: 18

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Melissa Sumpter
Location: Rose Hill, Virginia
Age: 21

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