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Cat Cat
Location: London, United Kingdom
Age: 18

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Sarah Youngblood
Location: Doniphan, Missouri
Age: 24

I caught her cheating a couple of years into our marriage so I cheated and we worked it out then a few years later she started cheating again and told me it was because she liked the thrill of it and said she stopped talking to him, when I found out she started talking to him again I screwed around with her best friend and when I busted her lying about talking to him I told her about me screwing around with her best friend and the next morning she accused me of rape. So since she wants to share herself, Im sharing our pictures and everyone feel free to post them anywhere.

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Michelle Rowland
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Age: 26

She cheated repeated. She keyed my truck. She works at a strip club.

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Renae Becker
Location: Alberta, Virginia
Age: 19

great slut. very submissive. was down to let me charge friends to fuck her and cover her in cum.

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Ash Santos
Location: Atlantic Beach, New York
Age: 25

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Yana Karisa Reguli a lying whore

Yana Reguli
Location: Brentwood, Tennessee
Age: 23

Ive been with Yana Karisa Reguli for some time. I happen to find out that shes been sleeping around during our relationship. Not only that, Yana had solicited herself for money. She is a compulsive liar where as Ive found in her Facebook email that she lied differently to all these men including myself that 1.she was never married or separated, 2.that she never cheats, 3.she hates porn, 4.shes a good girl and 5.that they were the only 4 years old daughter by exposing her to dangers to any these men that could be either serial killers, pedophiles, rapists or part of underground human trafficking. Yana Reguli was indeed married, have a good and faithful husband who fed up with her mess, being welltaken care of, she do watches porn, she is a cheater and a prostitute and shes a dirty whore. To top it off, she wants to sleep around with men with very poor hygiene and doesnt even change her panties regularly. This woman is sick. She needs help, seriously!

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Francisca Perez
Location: Georgetown, Texas
Age: 20

She tries to act like she isnt a slut but she loves the dick and loves to be filled with cum.

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Julle Lapierre
Location: Scott Air Force Base, Illinois
Age: 35

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Anne Laure
Location: Adelanto, California
Age: 30

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Jeff Dahlstrom
Location: Anchorage, Alaska
Age: 30

Started off nice, but once we had sex he became paranoid and jealous of everyone. Finally had to dump his controlling ass. Found out he was sharing my pics with all his friends. So here he is!