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Hannah-marie Caudle
Location: Haslemere, United Kingdom
Age: 22

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Mandy Bure
Location: York, Pennsylvania
Age: 27

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Chelsea Brock
Location: Ennis, Texas
Age: 24

Not the most attractive, had a good personality for a while until she started spreading rumors after she broke up with me.

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Kanisha Pintagro
Location: Jamestown, New York
Age: 25

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Nicola Wrana
Location: Burlington, Canada
Age: 24

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Dejeune Long
Location: Fontana, California
Age: 23

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Tracey Henry
Location: Milton, Florida
Age: 34

Cheated on me during my deployment and got married while i was deployed and lets just say i got the dear john letter weeks after she got married to an airmen.

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Mariza Ines Dunham Gaspar
Location: Toronto, Canada
Age: 24

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Doran Kaufmann
Location: Boissevain, Canada
Age: 30

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Ashley Jones
Location: Barberton, Ohio
Age: 24

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