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Jennie Fish
Location: Abbeville, Alabama
Age: 27


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Damian Maguire
Location: Trillick, United Kingdom
Age: 21

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Ishita Rajendra
Location: Pune, India
Age: 20

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Sabine Anita Jensen
Location: Thisted, Denmark
Age: 27

thought we had a good relationship until found out she were fucking other guys too

Dirty Devin Star Starkoff Boca Raton Florida

Devin Starkoff
Location: Boca Raton, Florida
Age: 33

Devin sent this to an ex of 5 years to get him back, but he is married with kids so he sent it to me.

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Kirstie CumBucket
Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
Age: 18

Shes the biggest whore Ive ever met. She literally spreads her legs for any guy. She swallows, deepthroats, loves anal. Literally anything you can think of shes done it.

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Sam Denne
Location: Saffron Walden, United Kingdom
Age: 20

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A Whore in Sheep\'s Clothing

Duranda Ann Olsen-Shoemaker
Location: Easton, Pennsylvania
Age: 24

Gave me a sob story about her abusive ex husband and how hes keeping her son from her. Lied about me getting her pregnant so she would have a place to stay and then lied again by saying she had a miscarriage. This girl is a piece of work. Plays very coy and innocent, but in the end, shes just another clever slut.

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Lindsay Symons
Location: Van Orin, Illinois
Age: 19

Typical whore, will do whatever for some bars... just pretend to like her singing and she will love you. Sends these out like nothing. She is only as relevant for her looks, as much as she wants to believe its her personality. Karmas a bitch doe sorry not sorry Linds

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Sandra Hotaru
Location: Quebec, Canada
Age: 28

I have meet her at work, we have play together and she has leave me.