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Monica Armas Loved to Suck Me Off at Work

Monica Armas
Location: Riverside, California
Age: 22

I was this girls manager at Disney and I used to make her give me head between shifts. She never complained and always came back for more.

Cincinnati Slut Spreads Her Pussy

Kate Winsted
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Age: 27

This slut loves to spread her pussy and take pics

This Pretend Christian/Slut

Amanda Ruddy
Location: Tyler, Texas
Age: 20

This TJC slut. She trys to pretend to be all saved and christian when really she whores around and uses people i date this cheating slut for 3 yrs.

Sneaky Little Whore

Sarah Clark
Location: Tallassee, Alabama
Age: 28

I dated this chick for several months. Everything seemed to be going great until I came home from out of town early only to find her fucking two of my friends at the same time! Yep, at the same fucking time! Im pretty open to things and might have been up for an open relationship but I cant handle a Sneaky Little Whore!

Runaround Skank

Danielle Annunziata
Location: Staten Island, New York
Age: 28

A junkie who fucked me in her fathers bed and then cheated on me with all my friends.Blew them in bathroom stalls sniffed coke off the toilet seats. A true whore that will drop to her knees if you give her drugs or booze. Its all she needs for her to be at your mercy. She was so loose it was like fucking a dinner plate. Seriously, it was like opening a window and fucking the night. Strongly advise to steer clear. Her vagina is like a vortex, once you go in, you might never come out.


Shawn Janis
Location: Palomar Mountain, California
Age: 22

Ex thinks hes cool trying to get me mad on purpose, mission accomplished. Hope youre enjoying the repercussions, theres more where that came from.

Nadine Mantel Hure aus Berlin

Nadine Mantel
Location: Berlin, Germany
Age: 36

Nadine Mantel 36 Hure aus Berlin

blowjob slut

Lou Merrigan
Location: Armstrong, Canada
Age: 29

Met this slut online and loves sucking cock, she was great at it too. Lost her number so Im missing out

Used to Love Her

Kim T
Location: Greenwood, Indiana
Age: 26

Great fuck, Great Relationship. Too bad shes dead to me now. Enjoy you Racist Fucks!!!!

cheating liar

Kaitlyn Smith
Location: Addison, Pennsylvania
Age: 20

liar constantly