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Emma Shay
Location: South Beloit, Illinois
Age: 22

She was a bitch so fuck it here she leave comments about her anything u think of her

Having Fun in April

April Horstmeyer
Location: Hannibal, Missouri
Age: 28

We broke up a few years back. she did me wrong. So its time for revenge!!

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Donna Stevens
Location: Bromley, United Kingdom
Age: 47

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Kimberly Turley
Location: Bixby, Oklahoma
Age: 25

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Lashai Mccarthy
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Age: 21

Same story as others on this page she aborted my child and has sent naked pictures to everyone on this earth.... what a smut!!!!

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Melissa Dievart
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Age: 27

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Roxanne Giest
Location: Bridgewater, New Jersey
Age: 36

Slut likes to play games, cheats on husband all the time. I told u I had a surprise for u , well enjoy bitch. Haha


Terra Incognita
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 35

Terra Incognita whos real name is Juanita Thornton claims to be a model and occasionally does BDSM and fetish stuff fact is shes a whore !! She did a porno 2 years ago for where 5 guys banged her in the ass real classy she says she works at a burlesque place but all I see is her working at red door selling her ass all she is is a stuck up over priced hooker rn

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Candice Seulal
Location: Brampton, Canada
Age: 30

Dated this bitch who ended up being a slut always keeping guys from her past around

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Anna Pearson
Location: London Borough Of Greenwich, United Kingdom
Age: 30

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