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MY EX ID # 12491
Added Jan 21, 2014

Crystal Dell

21 years old in Clarksville, Tennessee

"my baby momma"

Anonymous 12491 says: she was in good shape in high school but after having a baby she has let herself go. i lost all interest in her after she got fat. from Dalton.

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25 Responses so far...

  1. topdog says:

    is she on the floor because you took her crutch away?

  2. TheHero says:

    So she had YOUR CHILD….and you’re upset that she got some baby weight…she didn’t cheat….she’s an okay mother…..and didn’t use you? She just got “baby weight”

    Dude give us something to work with because you seem like a fucking asshole now.

    As for grading, because a judge has to do what a judge has to do…. B- on content.

  3. Cockenstien says:

    Your baby momma let herself go when pregnant? HOW DARE SHE??? oh wait that’s right, that’s what happens when women get pregnant, Twat.

  4. ShimmyShimmyYa says:

    Sounds like someones mad about having to pay child support.

  5. ill_B_the_judge says:

    She’s alright, dont be such a fucking crybaby poster.

  6. Stormpike says:

    On this one, sorry but I think your the jerk not her.

  7. Tricky Dick says:

    Crystal.. don’t let this wimpy ass motherfucker tear down your self-esteem. You look damn good for having a baby. This limp dick man is going to be sniffing your ass because you will have plenty of other men trying to get with you.

  8. Disqus11111 says:

    How does a buttwipe like this OP have any self respect? He thinks his sperm has special powers, but in reality it’s just dead fish floating belly up in a polluted canal.

  9. Adam says:

    More then just a little fucked up to put your kids mom on the internet

  10. Tobito says:

    I don’t understand people’s problem with that. After having a kid is one thing. You don’t do that kind of shit. But if he’s legit not attracted to her any more then wtf? This is a site for exes. Not moral values. If you want moral values then get the fuck off this site.

  11. Tobito says:

    Oh and to the dumbass with the dumbass name cockenstein. Not all women do that. Only the ones who lose all respect for themselves and their bodies.

  12. TheWatchmen says:

    I think my favorite part about this post is when you go to her fb and glance thru her profile pictures you find a picture with her and the OP. And he looks just as scummy as one would imagine.

  13. EASY says:

    @tobito , look at your wack hypocritical ass talking shit about this site is for not for morals then you go an preach morals to cockenstein ….. HOW BOUT YOU GET THAT LAME SHIT OUT OF HERE …… who the fuck are you ne ways ??? if your gonna have a view of how this site should be then stick to it , practice what you fuckin preach

  14. gman says:

    Shes not bad,. You got to be an ass to think that the girl yo got with is going to look the same after a kid,..respect her for having you’re kid you ass..

  15. Tricky Dick says:

    Tobito you have to be a stupid ass fuck. This site is not for people who are no longer attracted to their mate because they happen to have picked up a little weight. It is for revenge, because the person was unjustly wronged, dumb ass. What the hell did his wife do to him. Did she cheat on him. No. Is she even remotely overweight. No. Is she refusing to give up the pussy. No. He can post his crazy rational as he did and we can give him shit about it. Now you Tobito, crawl back in the ass that shit you out.

  16. O J Simpson says:

    Crystal, Cum down here and visit me in this jail!!! I will love you long time!!!!

  17. zz says:

    Nice girl

  18. Die_Bitch_Die says:

    this poster has the brains of a shrimp with braindamage, if we would replace his brain with that from a fly, it will fly backwards for sure. The asshole cant take the responsibility of becoming a father, i cant even imagion that his ****** dick could ever made her pregnant !!!!! he is even lower then the maggots that eats the furtilized shit that came out of my dogs ass !!! AND TO BE SURE, I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT TOBITO ALONE !!!!!!!

  19. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety your pics is very great i hope you add me at massenger or kik ( lonleyman2007 )
    or ramez ra at facebook becuase im blocked for add

  20. Gunny says:

    OP she’s going loose that wait ,and your going to feel like an ass

  21. Gunny says:

    wieght ,sorry

  22. Blackbear says:

    This is true guys. Well she lost the weight. And shes EASY. Do anything you want. Glenn lily in clarksville three houses from gas station, only one with boat in the drive. Nine. Three one. Easy!Two. Sixty six.fifty six eighty four. Have fun guys! Shell do ANYTHING

  23. danny luce says:

    hey so I think I dated her, did she go up to Gwinn, Michigan for a while?

  24. danny luce says:

    I was just wondering, if this is her or not?

  25. overthetop720 says:

    did this crystal go up to Gwinn, Michigan for awhile, if so I actually dated her back then, and wtf dude, talking about her like that… I know some lies were said abiout me and she hates me nd shit, but I promised to be there and protect her my whole life and I will keep that promise to her… she is fucking perfect… and even if this isn’t the crystal I knew, well don’t degrade women like that …. EVER

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