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MY EX ID # 13384
Added Feb 3, 2014

Betty Simmons

19 years old in Cookeville, Tennessee

"baby momma slut"

Anonymous 13384 says: Had a kid with her a month later she slept with someone else I was her first and now 2 years later shes up to 18 people

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  1. happy says:

    i fucked her last weekend she came to nashville and we met at bootleggers on 2nd great fuck

  2. TheHero says:

    Awesome revenge….so your kid’s future friends with be able to either make fun of or masturbate to, his/her mother…….good job original poster… douchebag!

  3. TheHero says:

    Oh …. and I will let the others tell you you’re a fucktard!

  4. Lukey says:

    I fail to see what business her sex life is of yours anyways if you’re not together. Quit being a pussy, your vagina is bigger than hers.

  5. doc says:

    were ? NAKED PICS.

  6. 4.75_inches says:

    I’d be happy to be number 19!

  7. Great White Dope says:

    Im in memphis, ill take my turn. send her my way.

  8. bgg says:

    These may as well be bikini pics. Nothing to see. Fuck you for posting this shit!

  9. Disqus11111 says:

    Nice, you post the mother of your kids. What a fucking asshole. It took you two years to come up with the brilliant idea of doing this? You’ve guaranteed that anything she does will never make the kid hate her the way you will be hated.

  10. topdog says:

    mommy why did daddy post a fuctard post of you on a revenge site? all my friends have seen it and say your a slag and daddys a fucktard………….

  11. Tricky Dick says:

    Dumb ass OP.. grow some balls bitch.

  12. Jatt says:

    ur pics suck. I think u need to start sucking cock for a living OP

  13. 4.75_Inches says:

    I’d pay her to suck my cock for a living… $20 a pop, $25 if she kisses me before she swallows all of it. ;)

  14. WTF? says:

    I agree he shouldn’t have posted this but id she’s banging that many guys their kid is probably going to find out anyway.

  15. dude says:

    webmaster = fucktard

  16. TheHero says:

    @WTF I doubt we are getting the full truth…. Or else he’d post this RIGHT WHEN CHEATED ON….and at that point…MAYBE 3 OR 4….. at MOST….if 18 got away with it….HE NEEDS TO BE ON BLAST FOR BEING A TRAILOR PARK DAD TOO!

  17. 8secondride says:

    Up to 18 eh? WTF, are you her headboard? Why the hell are you keeping track?

  18. baby daddy says:

    I posted nudes they didn’t put them with this idk why and I’m a caring guy and she came to me and about each guy…. you know its bad that the first comment was a guy that fucked her recently .

  19. 4.75_inches says:

    She’s cute… She deserves lots of cock. Including mine!

  20. gtfo says:

    How can you say your caring but you try to post naked pictures of your kids mom. Are you that fucking pathetic that your still hooked on a bitch after two years. I think its safe to say she was your first and only. You sound like the biggest pussy ever, OMG my kids mother decided i was a terrible fuck and wanted to branch out and try something better. You are the worst example of a bitch if there ever was a bitch

  21. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety pls can you add me at my massenger or kik lonleyman2007

  22. Real person says:

    How do you know shes up to 18 people have you been stalking her u fucktard?

  23. Real person says:

    Sounds fake as fuck to me im sure others wil agree

  24. Real person says:

    Do you even know her? Are these fb pics?

  25. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety you are very great girl i see your pics at MyEx .. I hope we are friends and i wish you add me at my messenger or kik lonleyman2007 or facebook Lonley Ramez because I m blocked my add … pls i wait you

  26. relenting123 says:

    WTF! are these videos gone??? Repost asap/ concerned citizen!!!!!

  27. RAPETHEMALL says:


    GO TO


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