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MY EX ID # 10278
Added Dec 13, 2013

Sherry Ford

31 years old in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

"Middle TN's biggest slut and liar"

Anonymous 10278 says: Watch out for this psycho. She has no idea what the truth is anymore. Every word that comes out of her mouth is a lie. She cheats on everyone shes ever been with. She will sleep with anyone, male or female. She has been caught posting ads on CL looking for guys to fuck her and get her pregnant. She sent a message to a guy that wasnt her boyfriend telling him she lost a baby and then lies about ever being pregnant. I hate that I lost all the nude pics of her but I wanted everyone to know what kind of crazy bitch she is. She had me make a video of her using a dog toy as a dildo, another one of her peeing on herself. She likes it in the ass and is a squirter. She goes by quite a few names so watch out for her whatever name she is using at the moment

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  1. sherry ford says:

    Ok. This is bull shit. This is posted by a nasty fucker by the name of brian keith watson of Antioch, Tn and bell glade florida. He is a liar and the one thats a cheater. He is so nasty that he ended up loosing his legs due to not keeping himself clean. He got sued for $30000 For a house he destroyed by allowing dogs piss everywhere. NASTY.

    I have NEVER posted such ads looking for guys. I have never cheated and never will..

    Yes I have had miscarriages. But have never lied to anyone about being preg.

    For those who reada this bastered comments just know he has posted false and misleading information about me.

  2. Dominic says:

    Hi sherry. Nobody believes these lies. Don’t stress over it honey. God bless sweetheart.

  3. the dude says:

    She is all over the news for fraud and stealing a horse (not kidding)

  4. brians ex says:

    To the dude… no im not all over the Internet for fraud nor stealing horses..

  5. The bigg one says:

    Not a problem that you lost the nude pix. They’d have been pretty grotesque anyways.

  6. KKK says:

    Well at least shes in her pin with all the other livestock

  7. marcos says:

    i d fuck her gimme her number lol

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