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MY EX ID # 1632
Added Jun 12, 2013

Steph Zaney

19 years old in Nashville, Tennessee

"tell me what you will do to me"

Anonymous1632 says:Hi Im Steph and I have a lot secret fantasies. I want all you boys to tell me what you will do to me, how you will use me and abuse me with your friends. IDK if what you say turns me on enough this could turn into something

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18 Responses so far...

  1. SwampDonkey says:

    that’s a very tasty looking pussy and asshole……I think I’d start with my tongue in those spots……

  2. SomeDude says:

    Damn impressive photo set bro! I second the notion of “tasty looking” as noted in the comment by SwampDonkey.

  3. lonleyman says:

    hi tere can you lend me your panties so i can put it over my head?

    do not forget the panty liner as well.

  4. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety i see your pics at MyEx it is very great i hope you add me at my massenger or kik lonleyman2007 or facebook ramez ra because im blocked for my add

  5. wheelerjim says:

    wow so hot

  6. Imallin4ever says:

    My name is my kik an snapchat. I’d love to chat with u an make ur fantasy a reality

  7. choca says:

    holy shit…..i just fucked her the other night. Let me tell you that is one bitch who loves to fuck. She about fucked my cock raw and she can take a fucking pounding.

  8. fuckface says:

    ooohh…… the things that i would do to you

  9. HANK JOHNSON says:


  10. johnny says:

    that pussy looks loose and used

  11. niggersrdumb says:

    I literally just threw up while looking at these pics. So fucking gross!!!!

  12. Jakmeoff says:

    She is on adult friend finder….. Looks HOT. Would love to tie her down and rub her in all the teasing places… Then caress her curves with my tongue. After I get her body tingling and soaking wet, thrust my cock deep in that hatchet wound and pound till she is raw. Only to stop with a cream filled pussy.

  13. Pamela Johnson says:

    Yummy,Beowulf you eat my pussy?

  14. Billy Bob Troy says:

    Hell, that slut could even turn me into a straight guy again

  15. Tray says:


    Me and my friends will pull a Train on you a cock in each hole plus 1in each hand! Along with the video rolling!

  16. Tom says:

    I would love ❤ to tie you up and eat your beautiful pussy until you cum into my mouth and swallow all of your cum and after that I will have my dog lick my cum out of your pussy and then my dog will fuck you and fill your beautiful pussy up with dog cum until it’s running out of you and you can scoop it up with your fingers and taste it.

  17. Financially Disabled says:

    I ate her pussy once. Tasted like licking a 9 volt battery. Tasted like a fist full of pennies. Smelled like old fish bait that’s been sitting in the hot summer sun for days.

  18. catbagger says:

    I’m in Nashville just say when

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