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MY EX ID # 11643
Added Jan 6, 2014

Amber LeasureHarvey

22 years old in Oliver Springs, Tennessee

"Stupid Bitch Stole my baby daddy"

Anonymous 11643 says: This bitch has harrassed me for seven years. First she acts like your friend then stabs you in the back. Shes bipolar and worst part she gets other people on facebook to harass you. She harrased me through my whole pregnancy wishing my unborn child dead and all sorts of bullshit. Got all her dumb friends to cyber bully me. My baby dad left me and she moved on. Shes jumped from man to man and lives on so fucking happily and yet I have mental scars. Especially since my daughter died of SIDS. Bitch got her wish.

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  1. thisguy says:

    Nobody cares bitch

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