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MY EX ID # 12794
Added Jan 25, 2014

Meredith "The Sloth" Russell

22 years old in Sevierville, Tennessee

"beautiful body. horrible face"

Anonymous 12794says: Met her at a honky tonk bar in knoxville. She wanted some d. Got her number. She was sending naked pix before i even asked. Said we would hang out then flaked on me. Whore!!! F U!!!!

ASSawesome assperfect boobs

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11 Responses so far...

  1. TheHero says:

    Can’t tell those are ACTUALLY HER!

    This is supposed to be a revenge site for exes who got jaded and hurt and screwed over….. no some douche bag who could get laid…

    Suck a dick Fucktard!

  2. TheVillian says:

    Sir, calm down…it’s just nudes. You’re like a crying baby waiting to suckle on your mom’s teat.

  3. Disqus11111 says:

    @TheVillian – Fuck off asshole. There are standards of truth to maintain. You may not have any, but some of us do and they extend to this site regardless of it’s primary use. Have you ever heard the saying, “There is honor among thieves”? It applies despite this being a revenge porn site. We don’t like being lied to and we don’t like undeserving girls getting fucked over by useless piece of shit guys like you and even more so, when you talk shit to one of us for stating the obvious, you are just exposing yourself as a first class scum sucker and assuming we are as useless and stupid as you are. Guess what? We aren’t.

  4. asasse says:

    Go Disqus! Completely agree. She didn’t sleep with you for a good reason, OP. You are a dirt bag. Shame she didn’t realize it before sending you pics. Girls can be really fucking dumb.

  5. Guru says:

    So how did she fuck you over?
    Oh look! I actually talked to a female, and then she sent me naked pics that I yanked to every hour on the hour. You have never put your little thingy in her, but you feel the need to brag about getting some nude pics. You piece of shit,
    I can go down any main street in America on my Harley, and get a women to pose naked for me. GROW UP and stop jackin off all day! Maybe you will find a woman to teach you how to use that little dick and actually have real sex some day.

  6. dumbasses says:

    @the hero, yea guys are you stupid u must call these girls that just fucked u over and ask for nudes with thier face so u can humiliate them LMAO fucking crybabies…. wahhhhh wahhhhhh I can’t see pussy in real life so I come here to jack off BC I’m such a loser no girl will fuck me

  7. speeluker says:

    Well said dumbass.

  8. topdog says:

    yeah dumbass……

  9. lonleyman says:

    hi sweety pls can u add me at massenger or kik lonleyma2007

  10. mr.badass says:

    Biggest slut in sevier county. Goes to cotton eyed joes every weekend and gets fucked by a different guy every night. Stay away from the freshly beat nasty ass bitch!

  11. Huge Cock says:

    Lick and fuck her ass hard ;) x

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