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MY EX ID # 9567
Added Dec 2, 2013

Dayna Deaton

44 years old in Floresville, Texas

"Take Off Those Panties"

Anonymous 9567 says: Sin has many tools, a lie is the handle that fits all of them.

Take of those panties

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  1. Hater says:

    I think who posted these reminded me of a sick pervert of the name of L G Moore in Southerland Springs. He lives off of his girlfriend and is a poor sick drunk

  2. Discus says:

    This is obviously a picture that has been retouched. Look at the head, it has been added to the body, but this so called anonymous is a man by the name of LG Moore. He lives off of his girlfriend in a rundown looking trailer park in southerland Springs. This is a very lonely sick old sad…so sad….

  3. Ludicrous says:

    LG Moore has posted these photos, as well as doctored them up. LG states he loves this woman so much, but continues to live off of his girlfriend Gloria. he talks about Gloria all the time, runs her down behind her back, but does not ever hesitate to take her money, nor not mind living off of her little trailer park, for free room and board. He is a drunk, a sick minded human being who just takes up space in this world. He states that he is a professional owner of a studio! What a laugh, he has a camera, and a few rolls of film, far cry from a studio!! He is a demented old man

  4. Mrbgdick88 says:

    Hello honey iv see you live close wanna fuck

  5. SoG9mm says:

    Where does this nice white piece of pussy live!

  6. titsmcgee says:


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