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MY EX ID # 11382
Added Jan 2, 2014


19 years old in Kilgore, Texas

"lying ass ex"

Anonymous 11382 says: met this girl at the airport on the way home when visitor in her hometown seem pretty cool went back home then when go get her again to come live with me shes all into saying shes ready to settle down when in turns she really didnt know what she wanted then I went off sure 28 days came back her attitude has changed she was a different person always complaining about something and then she broke up with me on Christmas Eveto go party with her friends back home so if anybody knows is girl need to pass it on we need to stop trifling hoes like this

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  1. Bush Man says:

    Little tits;) nice

  2. bigj says:

    She probably found your kiddy porn stash

  3. Eli says:

    Send her my way i like them

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