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MY EX ID # 11382
Added Jan 2, 2014


19 years old in Kilgore, Texas

"lying ass ex"

Anonymous 11382 says: met this girl at the airport on the way home when visitor in her hometown seem pretty cool went back home then when go get her again to come live with me shes all into saying shes ready to settle down when in turns she really didnt know what she wanted then I went off sure 28 days came back her attitude has changed she was a different person always complaining about something and then she broke up with me on Christmas Eveto go party with her friends back home so if anybody knows is girl need to pass it on we need to stop trifling hoes like this

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15 Responses so far...

  1. Bush Man says:

    Little tits;) nice

  2. bigj says:

    She probably found your kiddy porn stash

  3. Eli says:

    Send her my way i like them

  4. chasity kirkpatrick says:

    The person who put um up don’t even know me nor my ex… all this was cuz I broke up with this guy cuz I didn’t have feelings for him any more… and yea I complained cause all he wanted to do was play with a plastic air plan… of course IMA be different bitch u suppose to be paying attention to me when u come back off shore not blow all your money then have to borrow more…. plus you lived with or mom and I got mad cuz u wouldn’t get or head out or ass and spend that money on shit you needed

  5. I'll Take Her says:

    you’re gorgeous chasity, the exbf obviously lost a good and nice girl in this case. usually i side with the posters bashing their exes, but in this case i’m siding with the girl/chasity. he lost out big time, he sounds like a momma boy loser that can’t manage his own money and be there for his amazing girl. LOSER!! LOL! I know Chasity can find someone better than him, you’ll find mr right Chasity. :) ;)

  6. chasity kirkpatrick says:

    Thank you… and yes he did lose something good.. and who ever put revenge porn end over and over again is retarded like really.. got it the 1st time…

  7. chasity kirkpatrick says:

    And he picked the worsted ones to post. Js he had a lot more

  8. Not A Lawyer says:

    Chasity, you’re too good to be ignored. If you need anything, let me know.

  9. Brandon says:

    I’d like to get to know you

  10. chasitys Slag says:

    Great body Chasity…id lick you from ur clit to ur ass

  11. Mikelikestolick says:

    Wow She lives in Kilgore too…How come I never met her..If given the chance Id worship that pussy with my tongue and go back for 2nds.

  12. Chastity Kirkpatrick says:

    Pluhs me reed an speel reel gud!

  13. Black Nigga Purple says:

    I would fuck that trailer trash right there bent over that toilet with a huge nigger log in it then right before I nut I would kick her in the back of the head and slam the toilet lid on her neck and flush twice then punch her dad in the ear

  14. No Lube says:

    I would fuck her raw all day every day. best tits I ever saw. I would skull fuck her for days. I would tongue fuck and fudge pack that asshole for weeks. I would knock that pussy out the frame. beat the wheels off that hoe. she looks great to me. fuck it. I will take her for 30 fucks and 20 sucks

  15. Jim says:

    If she ever wants to be a submissive little slave girl she should get in contact with me

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