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Added Apr 3, 2013

Angela Leach

in Paris, Texas

"cheats on her husband"

she was 22 and was married for two weeks before she started sleeping with a 16 year old boy because he was the first one close when her husband went to work and then she started sleeping with guys she worked with.

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  1. M says:

    Damn went to school with this chick back in the day. Lemme find out shes a freak. 5 different girls on here I know SMDH!

  2. Jana says:

    I known she could never suck him and fuck him like I did ;)

  3. kenny.worth says:

    Damn Jana. Lol. U aren’t a babydolls girl are u? Dont make me tell Tom. :-)

  4. Been There... says:

    This chick is fat and nasty and has an ugly face. I’d slap around her tits but the thought of dealing with that messed up pussy is not appealing…

  5. tron says:

    Give me half a chance and id fuck her silly. It would be with a little dick like that todd guy. Shed have a orgasm so hard she would black out when I got done

  6. Jana says:

    Todd doesn’t have a small dick the pictures of him on here isn’t even fully hard and trust me he can make a woman cum like no other I’ve had he’s the only one that has ever made me squrit and gave me all kinds of mind blowing sex. I fucked up and thought I could get away from it and lost the best man of my life and now Angela has done the samething I did so I hope she is doing everything she can to keep him and make up for what she did if not I will get some of that great dick again maybe some of you other guys that are downing other guys dicks you better take another look at your own

  7. averagetxjoe77 says:

    couldn’t find her on facebook. but this chick had a decent body, nice pussy and you got to love a girl that does anal.

  8. jerrymoss says:

    damn….you are sexy i would love to meet you for some fun

  9. Eli says:

    She can cum sleep with me dam shes hot

  10. Makethemnaughty says:

    You can tell she can be made into a naughty dirty girl but if left up to herself I think she would just be one of them shy girls that keeps their naughty side all locked up and never let it out. Now that Jana girl looks like she a dirty naughty freak that will do anything to you that she could think up

  11. Brandon says:

    That is some sweet and sexy pussy and body. I think these are older pics of her. I bet she still lies to Todd about anything she needs to so she can do what she wants too. If he is still with her it would make you wonder why after everything she has done to him and maybe even still doing it to him. From the commits on here it looks like that Jana girl is a dirty naughty freak and still hung up on Todd. He left the dirty naughty freak for doing the same thing and Angela don’t do the things that she did to him makes you wonder what’s she doing to keep him. Is she just telling him what he wants to hear or is she trying to be a dirty naughty freak to fully please him and give him everything he wants and wishes for. If so she did a lot of learning and if not it sucks for him never getting the things he wants.

  12. Keepitreal says:

    Damn this chick is mean as hell. She looks hot but how could you say you love him and then do that to him. How could you marry him and then go get a little boy and fuck him in the same bed as the man you say you love and just married while he’s working and then he comes home and lays in the bed your fucking little boys and other guy in. How do cheaters live with themselves. You have to be really heartless and not even care about the other person todo this. She must really hate him in the worst way todo that. He could be shot and killed and it not cause that much pain and suffering that what you did/doing to him. To have 2 girls do the samething to him over and over again has to hurt like hell. Did you and that Jana girl team up together and do that to him. I wonder what drives 2 girls todo the samething to this guy. Is he just a nice guy with bad luck or did he do something to deserve all of it from the both of y’all and if so what was it.

  13. Jake says:

    Wow I like your body and that you do anal. Do you swallow if so you could almost be my dream girl. If you want to be the hottest dream girl this is what you need a boob job and get your pussy pierced on top of loving anal and swallowing all the cum you can suck out. That would be perfect hot and sext girl every man wants. Then just look me up I’ll give you everything you could ever want and you wouldn’t need to get little boys to fullfill you like you have todo now baby so come on what you waiting for come and be my hottest and sexiest dream girl

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