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Added Apr 3, 2013

Angela Leach

in Paris, Texas

"cheats on her husband"

she was 22 and was married for two weeks before she started sleeping with a 16 year old boy because he was the first one close when her husband went to work and then she started sleeping with guys she worked with.

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  1. M says:

    Damn went to school with this chick back in the day. Lemme find out shes a freak. 5 different girls on here I know SMDH!

  2. Jana says:

    I known she could never suck him and fuck him like I did ;)

  3. kenny.worth says:

    Damn Jana. Lol. U aren’t a babydolls girl are u? Dont make me tell Tom. :-)

  4. Been There... says:

    This chick is fat and nasty and has an ugly face. I’d slap around her tits but the thought of dealing with that messed up pussy is not appealing…

  5. tron says:

    Give me half a chance and id fuck her silly. It would be with a little dick like that todd guy. Shed have a orgasm so hard she would black out when I got done

  6. Jana says:

    Todd doesn’t have a small dick the pictures of him on here isn’t even fully hard and trust me he can make a woman cum like no other I’ve had he’s the only one that has ever made me squrit and gave me all kinds of mind blowing sex. I fucked up and thought I could get away from it and lost the best man of my life and now Angela has done the samething I did so I hope she is doing everything she can to keep him and make up for what she did if not I will get some of that great dick again maybe some of you other guys that are downing other guys dicks you better take another look at your own

  7. averagetxjoe77 says:

    couldn’t find her on facebook. but this chick had a decent body, nice pussy and you got to love a girl that does anal.

  8. jerrymoss says:

    damn….you are sexy i would love to meet you for some fun

  9. Eli says:

    She can cum sleep with me dam shes hot

  10. Makethemnaughty says:

    You can tell she can be made into a naughty dirty girl but if left up to herself I think she would just be one of them shy girls that keeps their naughty side all locked up and never let it out. Now that Jana girl looks like she a dirty naughty freak that will do anything to you that she could think up

  11. Brandon says:

    That is some sweet and sexy pussy and body. I think these are older pics of her. I bet she still lies to Todd about anything she needs to so she can do what she wants too. If he is still with her it would make you wonder why after everything she has done to him and maybe even still doing it to him. From the commits on here it looks like that Jana girl is a dirty naughty freak and still hung up on Todd. He left the dirty naughty freak for doing the same thing and Angela don’t do the things that she did to him makes you wonder what’s she doing to keep him. Is she just telling him what he wants to hear or is she trying to be a dirty naughty freak to fully please him and give him everything he wants and wishes for. If so she did a lot of learning and if not it sucks for him never getting the things he wants.

  12. Keepitreal says:

    Damn this chick is mean as hell. She looks hot but how could you say you love him and then do that to him. How could you marry him and then go get a little boy and fuck him in the same bed as the man you say you love and just married while he’s working and then he comes home and lays in the bed your fucking little boys and other guy in. How do cheaters live with themselves. You have to be really heartless and not even care about the other person todo this. She must really hate him in the worst way todo that. He could be shot and killed and it not cause that much pain and suffering that what you did/doing to him. To have 2 girls do the samething to him over and over again has to hurt like hell. Did you and that Jana girl team up together and do that to him. I wonder what drives 2 girls todo the samething to this guy. Is he just a nice guy with bad luck or did he do something to deserve all of it from the both of y’all and if so what was it.

  13. Jake says:

    Wow I like your body and that you do anal. Do you swallow if so you could almost be my dream girl. If you want to be the hottest dream girl this is what you need a boob job and get your pussy pierced on top of loving anal and swallowing all the cum you can suck out. That would be perfect hot and sext girl every man wants. Then just look me up I’ll give you everything you could ever want and you wouldn’t need to get little boys to fullfill you like you have todo now baby so come on what you waiting for come and be my hottest and sexiest dream girl

  14. danterious says:

    That todd he gay. I sees him every thursday night out there at the crosswire on gay night. He boogie arount the dance floor with all the fine studs. He even give me a ride on his hershey highway last gay night at crosswire. Dope.. and it be all sic and shit in the parking lot. He sure got a little dick on him.

  15. danterious says:

    Yeah she fine. I suck them titties and pussy and ass all day long

  16. Megan says:

    I know that danterious has came out of the closet and admits he’s gay and dreams about fucking Todd Anyone that knows Todd will know that he doesn’t go to any club gay or straight so this guy is a dumbass that is over 30 and still lives at home with his mommy and she don’t know he gay Then he tries to cover it up by hitting on these girls and saying what he could never do because he wants dick

  17. soulride says:

    Yeah that dantrius guy sounds like a basket case. I didnt know crosswire has a gay night. I think its out of business now. If that todd guy dont go there to pick up some dirtyleg I wonder where he meets all these freaky girls. Sounds like hes got a lot of them freaky girlz throwing a leg over him.

  18. branderius says:

    That todd he the gay one out the closet. He have such a little dick I thout he was a girl. Thats why I took him in the dukey chute. After the fourth time I tells him im not gay and he still begging for me to ring his bell. That when some studs takes a limosine ride down his hershey highway. Word.

  19. branderius says:

    That todd go to clubs. He may think he got evrryone foold but he I to thst freaky shit like riding on a cripple scooter in wal mart while angela sit on his lap and they fuck over in the fabric section. They never no body over there in that shit so no one sees them do it

  20. Theboss says:

    I don’t know what these dumbass guys are talking about their is about 6-7 paris girls on here. So do you fuck him first and then let the rest of them have there way with him or do y’all have different days. Or do you just get in on fucking with them that way he can’t have all the fun

  21. The one says:

    You know you don’t love him no more and haven’t for a long time. You always told me that you didn’t even want him anymore because you quit loving him years ago and you only stay there because he takes care of everything but your own bills. I bet you still have my number and think about us and the THINGS we did together. Cum and find me when you leave him and your ready for me again and maybe this time we will have more time together and make it even better than then

  22. branderius says:

    I still say that nigga todd be gay. Paris PD done picked him up for walkin drunk down lamar street in womens clothes. They had to club his ass to get him in the tank down to the precinct. He call me to bail him out and when I get down there two of them hoes on here dun throwed his bail. He better not b callin me no more talkin all that gay shit.

  23. The one says:

    Damn branderius is a very sad little boy bc he can’t get the pussy so he makes up lies about that Todd guy the dumbass don’t know that if u get picked up by the cops it would be in the paper so he has nothing to back his liying bs up just face it u will never get the pussy or his dick that he dreams so badly about lol so grow up and get over it

  24. Used to know y'all says:

    It’s funny I remember Jana used to be with Todd and fucking him in more than one way now y’all r not friends and u r fucking Todd the same way that’s funny now I think u and Jana just be friends again and then just let her have some of Todd’s dick too and then it can’t come between u two anymore its an easy fix lol

  25. kandingo says:

    That girl has some stanky pussy. I tried to eat it once an it smelled like spoiled chicken and car battery acid with shit mixed in.

  26. Pussy eater says:

    I ate this pussy before and it didn’t taste nothing like that you must have the wrong girl. Or maybe you ate her out when she was on the rag. I seen her just the other day. When did you so called eat it because I think she has been with the same guy for like 10 years now.

  27. t'ron says:

    Sounds like these girls are all dirtier than a drain pipe at a funeral parlour. I wouldnt touch any of them. It looks like they have been into everything.

  28. kandingo says:

    That picture with thd come in her pussy. I took that one after she let me come inside her.

  29. Naughtyguy says:

    Some of the these people are So full of shit I’ve seen more pics of her and they was all off the same camera

  30. bradman says:

    I wonder if all of that pussy eating they are talking about happened before or after somone blowed their wad up inside her. Thats just nasty.

  31. HANK JOHNSON says:

    NOT TOO BAD A SEXY SLUT !!!!!!!!!!!

  32. johnny says:

    id fuck her

  33. Carrie says:

    You think Jana will get Todd since yall aren’t together right now

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