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Added Apr 11, 2013

Morghan Crownover

in Spring, Texas

"Nasty Kitty"

Morghan Crownover, Known to be called Kitty She loves old men and pretty much any guy that has money, she was 17 years old and had sex with a 47 year old while doing meth and bars and drinking, and has 1 year old daughter that she doesnt have anymore because she rather party and get fucked up and planning to have another kid with someone else. She had sex with 8 people in a week, Shes known for having the clap and herpes, shes a conniving liar, and cheating slut who wants to marry every guy that asks her. She loves to go after her friends boyfriends and ex boyfriends, and talk shit behind everyones back, she always house hopping she cant stay in one place for a month. Shes not to be trusted, if your looking for an easy hook up shes the one for a small price.

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5 Responses so far...

  1. Juan says:

    I can just imagine how those p**** lips would wrap around my c***

  2. BD says:

    droopy tits

  3. averagetxjoe77 says:

    So hot. facebook link works. Fine ass body, great titts and good looking pussy. I would!

  4. jimmy says:

    number please

  5. Eli says:

    So was she 17 at the time of these pic if not dam that little girl is fuckin smokin she can take all of my money

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