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Added May 10, 2013

Kris "Kissa" Powell

43 years old in Bountiful, Utah

"Krista from Utah"

Krista says(really?):Hello, Krista here. I am a real Wife and Mother from Northern Utah. I have two kids, and love to scrapbook and spend time with my two sisters and their families who also live around the Salt Lake City area. I attended high school in Tucson, AZ where I graduated in 1988. I started college at Brigham Young University BYU in the fall of 1988, and then returned to Arizona to finish school at the University of Arizona where I graduated with a Marketing degree in 1994. After graduation, hubby and I moved back to New Mexico where I mainly grew up and started a career as a retail manager in Santa Fe. We next moved to Utah in 2003 for work and to be closer to my sisters. I left my full time job in 2009 to become a stay at home mom. I cannot believe I have been in UT for 10 years now.

Welcome to myex Krista. I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as you've enjoyed living in Utah --Casey


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10 Responses so far...

  1. Stormpike says:

    Looks like a fun wife.

  2. Goojunk79 says:

    Hottest mormon Milf ever

  3. william says:

    would love to give sweet ass good tongue fuck

  4. Dan'l says:

    Big boy??? He must have huge pecs.

  5. jimmy says:

    love your pictures cant find you on facebook any more add me

  6. william says:

    what happened on facebook pleez email me

  7. Krista Fan says:

    Looks like her Facebook Page is active.

  8. william says:

    she is back

  9. Tom says:

    video is hilarious!

  10. Rick says:

    Hey beautiful

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