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MY EX ID # 15311
Added Mar 2, 2014

Kimberly "Kim" Richardson

32 years old in North Salt Lake, Utah

"Watch out"

Anonymous 15311 says: This girl will use you and then when she is done with you she willrnCall the cops and make shit up to have you arrested..rnShe will still your stuff and cheat on you. She probably has some diseases rnShe will sleep with anyone just so she can start using you for money... She is a worthless piece of shit....rnShe uses meth and god knows what else.. She is th done with the glasses

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4 Responses so far...

  1. kim says:

    Jeremy Willden of bountiful Utah, its funny that you post
    stupid things like this all because I didn’t want to have sex
    With you. You have a small banana dick and when I caught you
    with that guy giving it to you hard that was enough.
    So stop fkn lying about me.

  2. Matt says:

    This is funny that you thought this was your kids dad
    Jeremy who posted this. Your a fucking idiot Kim. It’s one of the many other guys you have Fucked over, you was cheating on him with me, so I know your ways, But it’s even funny you make shit up in you comment. Your a whore and a worthless mom to your kids also. Getting rid of you was the best thing.

  3. kim says:

    Jeremy you’re a fucking retard someone who works for
    Gold cross ambulance as paramedic don’t u think u would have been
    Smarter hahaha but you’re not. You wonder why no one wants u
    Well its because you’re an ugly person inside. You seen that post n got
    embarrassed so u block my number from being able to call
    My kids good parenting faggot

  4. Jeremy says:

    Wow, I just heard about you posting slanderous remarks about me
    Your always making shit up Kim. Who ever this Matt guy is
    He’s right about you. I will see you in court when I sue you for posting my name on here and for slandering my name.

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