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MY EX ID # 14299
Added Feb 16, 2014

Judy Johnson

21 years old in Venice, Italy

"Cheating whore"

Anonymous 14299 says: This whore love young black guys Im 21 my buddy the 18 yr old made a post about when we fucked her tight pink as she told both of us she loved us and was blowing this loser swallowing his loads

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20 Responses so far...

  1. doc says:

    21 my f-n ass 51 …/

  2. Mr. Hell yes says:

    Tell her to keep them legs and mouth open for BBC!!!

  3. 8secondride says:

    21…. haha maybe 80 years ago! This story reeks of BS! I am also betting that snatch picture is not hers..

  4. mllllll says:

    your a fucking idiot how could the pics be fake

  5. kkkk says:

    the only way to know for sure would be to see her pussy and it aint happening if your over 24 trust me I know

  6. RealityCheck says:

    Who is the douche that would post something stupid like this? The poster should hide his face in shame …. what a fucktard!!!!!!

  7. donovan says:

    I smell mushy peas. Did someone fart lunch?

  8. 8secondride says:

    Dude your Grandma is gonna tan your hide when she finds that u stole the pics off her dating site and posted them here!!

  9. peckerhead says:

    Most definitely those are not the same woman.

  10. Disqus11111 says:

    This is Grandma’s second go round in the last few weeks. Contrary to what the OP thinks, she has not aged like fine wine. It’s just as bad now as it was the first time.

  11. The Lion says:

    Horrible, never should have made it in this site. Can’t afford to take it down cause Obamacare raised the cost of her prescriptions. Wish I never clicked the nudes button.

  12. Whatsinyourbag says:


    Fucking hell nan you said you were at bingo? So thats what you meant when you said you got a “full house”

  13. kdhfg says:

    @Peckerhead how would you know you ever fucked her?

  14. who givs a shit says:

    After looking at this post thinking this whole site isn’t nothing but a fake pos!

  15. lol says:

    whats fake about the post besides the age dumbass?

  16. peckerhead says:

    @kdhfg I’ve never fucked anyone I’m still a virgin!

  17. Adranhonjo says:

    if she be 21 then I be 40

  18. Daves69 says:

    Has anyone seem Betty Crocker around these parts?

  19. DarthBlahearnks says:

    This old hag look like she has all kinds of nasty stretch marks she should show that disgusting belly

  20. magnaxini says:

    Judith Beals Johnson 1000 Jones Ave/578 Bayside Road Elizabeth City 27909

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