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Added Nov 11, 2013

Caitlin "Kiittycat" Musignac

19 years old in Virginia Beach, Virginia

"so selfish"

Anonymous 8479 says: So we broke up after 1and a half it hasent been thfee days and shes fuckin somebody else we were engaged and she just left she is a straight up whore

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6 Responses so far...

  1. David says:

    Dude, consider yourself lucky! Hirsute, moley thigh and a pootang that looks like a baby penis — ? God help the new person that’s bangin THAT! Ewww!

  2. kittycat says:

    And that’s a birthmark thank you very much. (:

  3. beatle says:

    I would love to pet that sweet ass little pussycat meyowww

  4. Heather says:

    Its time someone starts speaking up for those of us born and raised in Virginia Beach! You sick pervs act like we are the stupid ones, but just give it some thought. We pick decent looking guys and get good sex. We also get everything else we want. I’ve been on great vacations, yacht trips, and fine dinners. AND NOT PAID A DIME. What are the stupid ones???

  5. Shane says:

    I hit that once. Wasn’t bad. Chick is kinda messed up in the head though. Had no idea she had such a stupid last name though xD

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