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Added Feb 8, 2013

Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" McVay

24 years old in Mercer Island, Washington

"single and hot in the sack"

this girl is a tiger in the sack trust me her oral is perfect will make any guy cum way too early!! reason i have posted here here is cuz recentally we have broke uo and she stole a Large sum of money from me and i could not think of any thing better to do to her than free advertizing for the lil slut guys she is very nieve so enjoy!!! i know i did she is around her 20s and very how u say it good in bed but only down fall is here parents are clingy lil bastards that think she is still a lil girl trust me she acts like one too

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10 Responses so far...

  1. Stormpike says:

    Better you than me,she looks gross dude.

  2. David says:

    Yummy let me milk her hot body

  3. speeluker says:

    Egad yuck! I’m afraid that that pussy would suck me in, and I would never be seen again.

  4. cock says:

    Fuck me she is fucking ugly, fat and WTF.

  5. HANK JOHNSON says:


  6. alpha 23 says:

    You need a wide angle lens to take her picture, Cow

  7. RealityCheck says:

    Hey, that is me. You had a small white peter, that is why I left. I love you though.

  8. speeluker says:

    She’s single, no wonder it looks like she swallowed her bf.

  9. johnny says:

    tell her parents that bitch ain’t been little in years, I am sure she is good with her mouth bitch uses it non stop

  10. alpha 23 says:

    Dude:I have fucked some ugly bitches, but you top me with this bitch. Now I know where the term fuckgly comes from.

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