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Added Oct 24, 2013

Joan Salzwedel

69 years old in Seattle, Washington

"Joan Salzwedel"

Anonymous 7612 says: I have always enjoyed doing this...

Joan Salzwedel

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11 Responses so far...

  1. FRED BROWN says:

    WOW! HOT!
    WOW! HOT! HOT!

  2. jimmy says:

    you have to love that woman
    what a complete sex package

  3. JIM says:

    Me an 3 bros tok turn whip and fuckn this bitch a few years ago. she like our black meet. really tite pusse. really good blow jobs to. she have sexi hot body. she love black dicks

  4. Ralph N says:

    i used to do this woman a few years back. she is in her 60′s, but she looks like she is in her 40′s. she put much younger womens to shame with her smoking hot body and beautiful smile and beautiful long legs and great tittys. she has a tite pussy and gives unbelieveable blow jobs. any man who dumps her is a fool. like me.

  5. charlie says:

    Diversity is great. I love seeing black men and white women, and, white men and black women as lovers. We are headed for the Age of the Golden Man. You go Girl. You are absolutely Beautiful.

  6. cuffy says:

    one hell of a sexy woman. i don’t understand all this bullshit back and forth about racism and every stupid thing that is being said by all you fucking morons here other than that we should all be happy that she is a good looking bitch with a really cute smile. grow up. smarten up. act like intelligent men…unless of course you’re a queer motherfucker.

  7. Terrel says:

    Fucked her when she worked at Scarlett Tree Bar. She come home with me and some other brothers and we watch her take her clothes off and take turns fucking her while she screaming. We eat her pussy and she suck our dicks. She very good. She very beautiful body. Ummm

  8. Terrel says:

    watched her walk around naked at a party in only heels and panties and tease the hell out of all the guys there. some black guys took her in the bedroom and thats the last i saw of her that night.

  9. Blackdaddy says:

    want some of dat ass!! 2532823173

  10. Daryl says:

    Cum to me sexy grandma… Hmmm, yup I’d fuck her hard and have her swallow my cock, I’m not ashamed.

  11. blackzach says:

    Fuck girl, I’d love to slide my thick black cock down your throat. If you’re looking for a nasty, rough time, let me know

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