From Lorraine, France at Age 35

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Nadia la Super Salope !

I've found this picture and video on my coworker laptop, hope you'll enjoy. I didn't she were such a …slut, I will try in the next week to arouse her, any suggestion, I will of course send the pics and vids here if I manage to take her !
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Peyton Robinson

From Florida, United States at Age 36

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My cheating slut ex

She kept switching between me and some other dude and has cheated on me before that
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From Provence-alpes-cote , France at Age 27

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Marine à faire tourner

Baise avec le premier venu, adore se prendre le jus en bouche comme sur la face .. elle fera ce que …tu voudras !
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Tracey Browne

From Portsmouth, United Kingdom at Age 44

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Cheating bitch

Went with this whore for a year, found out she was still with her ex! All that time. Double life she …had. Good ride though
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From New Brunswick, Canada at Age 26

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Ex showing off her tits

Nudes of Ex showing off her goods
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