Sandra R

From Overijssel, Netherlands at Age 29

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My sexy ex

Here's my sexy ex, I've made a lot of candid pics and vids of her so here are some of it. She's …great in bed, good cocksucker, loves a lot of different positions.
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Mikkia Vannover

From Tennessee, United States at Age 20

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Chatroulette hoe

flashed me her tits after a few mins, and wanted pics of my dick while dating some dude, rnshe loves …skype sex. huge peirced tits. try & find her
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Heidi Marth

From Florida, United States at Age 22

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Heidi ho ho

This hoe loves it up the ass will lie to you in a heart beat have u put in jail steel anything she …can find is a drugyy and cheated on me and caught the hiv thank god i nevere went ba k. Arrest report:
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Frankin Rawlings

From Missouri, United States at Age 26

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Franklin M. Rawlings

My ex and I have been on and off again for 7 years and 3 of those years we were married. Though-out …our relationship and marriage, he would walk away, and I would have to talk him into staying. He cheated on my so many times, I lost count. He would lock me in the closet, so I couldn't go anywhere, use his body weight to keep me on the floor, so I wouldn't leave, chase me down the road, break and throw things at me and would cause me to have miscarriages. I tried for 3 straight years to have his child, I was faithful 100%, even when he was deployed. He has just recently been discharged from the United States Marine Corps, for what I do not know. As of right now, we are still legally married because he refuses to sign my divorce papers and he is engaged to a woman, named Janae Madison, who at one point and time attacked his Grandmother. The worst part of all of this is, he also walked out on my daughter, who he told he was going to adopt her, he has not talked to her in over 6 months and she constantly wonders why he doesn't love her. He is a piece of shit, whom only cares about himself. Franklin Matthew Rawlings,lives in Joplin, MO with his new fiance and her 3 sons.
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Cory Booker

From Texas, United States at Age 21

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Karla Berens

From Manitoba, Canada at Age 21

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Native slut is both whore and

She got pregnant during her low-rent gangbangs, then dumps her child on whoever will take him. While …he's crying for milk, she's taking it up the ass for some money, which she'll use for more crack. That pretty much says it all.
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